Prizes & Awards

Awarded product design is a tradition of SOLA

The workaday routine on a construction site puts high demands on measuring tools. Therefore SOLA has developed solutions which are not only precise and robust. They should especially support the user to design the work process safer, quicker and more comfortable.

This consequent orientation on the users’ requirements in development and design is a long tradition of SOLA. Right from the beginning solutions were realized which have been recognized regularly by international Design Competitions. Already 1957 SOLA gained the international recognition of the iF Design Award, as the first Austrian company ever. That winner product has become a design classic and is now on display in the Museum of
applied arts / Contemporary arts (MAK) in Vienna.



1957 Spirit level gold

1970 Small spirit level R 102

1975 Spirit level P 80

1976 Spirit level AZB 60

2010 Crossline-laser FCL

2010 Crossline-laser X2

2017 Precision spirit levels HPL

2010 Rotation laser Trigon

2014 Line-dot-laser iOX5

2016 Crossline-laser SMART

2016 Crossline-laser CROSSLINE

2022 Digital inclinometer and protractor GO! SMART


2011 Rotation laser Trigon

2016 Line-dot-laser iOX5