Box Beam Levels

What are they? How to use them and selecting the best one. We have the guide with all there is to know about Box Beam Levels.


Inclination and angular measurements with digital levels

Inclination and angular measurements with a digital level are easier than ever. We give you a guide on what to consider if you want to buy or use a digital level.


Spirit Level - Quality

A spirit level is a precise measuring tool that has to meet the highest quality standards. Find out what it takes to produce a high quality spirit level.


Spirit Level - Sturdiness

The spirit level has to be reliable and precise even in a harsh environment, therefore it is essential that the spirit level is sturdy. Find out what it takes to build such a robust measuring tool.


Spirit Level - The Vial

The vial is the most important element of a spirit level. It is crucial for precision, handling and longevity. Which special features should vials have in high-quality spirit levels ?