Screeding levels

Why do SOLA screeding levels always perform better?

With a profile weight of 650 grams per linear metre, our durable SOLA screeding levels withstand any stresses they are exposed to on the construction site. Equipped with the SOLA FOCUS vial and individually adjusted, they have a maximum measurement tolerance of 1.0 mm/m, allowing them to outperform all other quality screeding levels available.


Branded screeding levels have a profile weight per meter of at least 650 g/linear meter! The profile weight, i.e. the respective wall thickness determines the lifespan of a screeding level. We warn you of screeding levels with lower profile weights! They are not sufficiently robust and resistant.


The screeding of plaster, rough materials and grit causes considerable abrasion. Therefore, the weight and wall thickness of the screeding planks are of great importance in this area of application. Screeding levels with a high weight per meter have a considerably longer lifespan than their lightweight equivalents.


Since 2011 all SOLA quality spirit levels and screeding levels are equipped with the patented FOCUS vial. Compared with standard ring vials our FOCUS vials show a considerable higher contrast. Therefore this allows a better, faster and more accurate reading. This has been proofed impressively through tests with professional craftsmen throughout Europe. In addition to the unbeatable precision, the vials are also distinguished by their resistance to breakage or deformation. The vial fluid is antistatic with a very good UV resistance.


Each individual screeding level is tested and adjusted. Thus, we can guarantee that everything that is stated on the packaging is upheld in reality. A quality screeding level always indicates a maximum measuring tolerance which may not exceed 1.00 mm/m. SOLA screeding levels have a tolerance of 0.50 mm/m to 1.00 mm/m, depending on the model.


The leak protection is based on the ultrasonic welding of the vials, which
we patented in 1969. With more experience and know-how than any other
manufacturer in this area, we can make the 30-year guarantee with confidence.