At just 23 cm and featuring a magnetic base and V-groove on the upper measuring surface, the new T PRO torpedo spirit level is suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks. Thanks to its three vials, the T PRO allows you to carry out measurements horizontally, vertically, and even at a 45° angle and all with a measuring tolerance of ±1 mm/m. The extra-large vial recesses ensure maximum readability. The robust aluminum frame combined with ABS plastic guarantees a long service life at a low weight.


Compact Size

The key characteristic of the T PRO torpedo spirit level is it’s compact, conical design. The combination of a strong aluminum body with a tough ABS plastic cover ensures maximum stability and durability, even under the harshest site conditions—and all this for a product that weighs in at just 112 g. At just 23 cm in length, the T PRO is the perfect tool for measuring in tight spaces and it fits perfectly into any toolbox or your pockets.


Three Vials for a Range of Applications

The T PRO is equipped with three break-resistant acrylic ring vials for horizontal, vertical, and 45° measurements. The vials each feature four rings, making them ideal for showing or checking inclines. The distance between the rings corresponds to an inclination of 2% during horizontal measuring. The extra-large recesses and the viewing window in the frame allow you to comfortably read the vials from all angles. The vials are built into the profile for optimum protection.


Magnetic Surface and V-Groove

Thanks to a magnetic strip with high adhesive strength fitted to the lower measuring surface, the T PRO allows you to work comfortably and with both hands on metal surfaces. The magnetic strip is recessed to ensure precise measurement results with a measuring tolerance of ±1 mm/m. The upper measuring surface has an integrated V-groove to hold it in place securely on pipes, when constructing scaffolding for example.