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SOLA develops new magnet installation method for spirit levels

SOLA has developed a completely new installation method, specifically for magnetic spirit levels, where the magnets are inserted into the profile from the side. This brings considerable advantages for the user in terms of precision, adhesive force, cleanliness and safety.


Special purpose spirit level MRMI Installation

The MRMI Installation level from SOLA is the right spirit level for taking measurements during installation work. The robust aluminum profile with its hard anodized coating prevents annoying color abrasion on the measured object. The laterally integrated, extra-powerful neodymium magnet and the V nut ensure optimal adhesion of the spirit level to metallic surfaces and pipes. Thanks to the printed scale with standard installation measurements, installation points can be easily transferred.


Measuring wheels MW 305 and MW 1000

SOLA offers two measuring wheel models with an analogue counting mechanism in two different sizes for different applications. The models have a variety of outstanding features, including an extremely robust counting mechanism with a reset button for zeroing the counter, a height-adjustable telescopic guide rod for easy handling, and an abrasion-resistant precision measuring wheel made from high-quality plastic.


Magnetic Spirit Levels RED M & BIG RED M

SOLA’s popular spirit level models RED and BIG RED are now available in magnetic. The highlight of these magnetic spirit levels is the entirely new lateral installation of the magnet, with the advantages immediately noticeable to the user when using the spirit level.


Laser distance meter VECTOR 50

The new VECTOR 50 is incredibly easy to use and allows you to work quickly and at maximum efficiency. The enhanced measuring functions of the VECTOR 50 and its operating range of up to 50 meters make this laser distance meter a practical and affordable building aid.


Digital inclinometer ENW 25

At just 25 cm, the short digital inclinometer from SOLA is ideally suited for the precise measurement of inclinations and angles with smaller contact surfaces. The ENW 25 is used, for example, for installing window sills or laying pipelines. Thanks to its compact size, the device can be easily stowed in any tool box and be transported.


Screeding Edge AL 2607

Professionals working in façade and interior construction know the requirements that a screeding edge/featheredge needs to meet in day-to-day usage. Despite the high loads placed on it, the tool must not deform and should be reliable in its handling. The new AL 2607 screeding edge from SOLA combines ergonomics and maximum stability in a new combination profile. Thanks to this new shape, it does not twist even under high loads, and stays straight over its entire length.


Chalk Line Reel CLG

Those who want to mark out straight lines on surfaces both indoors and out, need a highly practical tool: a chalk line reel. The new CLG chalk line reel from SOLA fulfils the specific needs of professional craftsmen. The device has an exceptionally tear-resistant 30-metre cord and a large filling chamber for the chalk powder. It is ideal for applications where a clear visible line is needed, and where the robustness of the cord and housing are paramount.



It’s all going green again at SOLA. SOLA is expanding its range of lasers with the ATLAS GREEN. The green, self-levelling multi-line laser has one horizontal and three vertical lines and one plumb point. It has an impressive measuring tolerance of 0.20 mm/m.


Sola Invests Millions in the North American Market

Sola, the Götzis-based market leader for premium spirit levels, is driving international growth with an investment in US company Keson. From this autumn, all business and sales activities for the North American market will be handled by the newly formed company, Keson LLC. The two contractual parties have agreed not to disclose the size of the investment.