Chalk line

What can SOLA offer you to ensure perfect measuring and marking results?

Our range of marking products offers you everything you need to make your measurements clear and visible. This includes our chalk line reels with convenient free-wheel function and practical fastening, strong and double-twisted cords and finely ground chalk powder with high colour pigment content.


The convenient line extract allows you to quickly take off the line. The end hook enables the cord to be fixed to either a nail, a pin or a panel.


SOLA chalk powder contains many colour pigments and a small proportion of chalk. This ensures good visibility. Since the chalk powder is very finely ground, it adheres very firmly to the cord, producing a clear and exact line.


The double-twisted cord, made from a mixture of polyester and cotton,
guarantees long life span and high stability. The cotton ensures that the chalk can adhere well to the cord and the polyester provides the necessary strength (tensile strength of cord: 23 kg).