Folding rules

How is SOLA's measuring precision incorporated into our rules?

SOLA folding rules offer you precision and quality as per EC standard accuracy class III. Whether it’s selected woods or plastics, our pocket rules impress with their high elasticity and exceptionally long service life. They only leave our factory once they have undergone rigorous testing.


All SOLA measuring rules correspond to accuracy Class III according to EC standards. This accuracy level must be indicated on the measuring rule in the form specified by these standards.


SOLA wooden rules are made from Nordic Downy Birch or Beech. Birch: Due to the harsh northern climate, the tree grows very slowly, giving its wood a high degree of elasticity. Beech: Beech has a high degree of hardness and is thus strongly abrasion-resistant.


SOLA folding rules made from polyamide are 25% glass fibre reinforced. This results in a rule that is considerably less brittle at low temperatures. Note: The elasticity of this material mix ensures tremendous longevity.


Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament came into force on 26 February
2014 in the member states of the European Union and the European Economic
Area. This directive
contains the procedures, under which manufacturers of measuring tools have to
declare the conformity to the specification.
Note the following markings:
1. Nominal length of the measuring device
2. CE-marking
3. Year of manufacture
4. Mark from Office of Weights and Measures
5. Accuracy class
6. Manufacturers name or registered indentification mark


The wood and the rule sections are continuously checked and sorted. Only 4% of a tree trunk reaches the required standard for a SOLA wooden folding rule.


All of the edges and ends of the wooden folding rule have been dipped in watersoluble
varnish twice. The protective varnish is hardened by UV radiation, and is therefore very durable.


The hinges of SOLA folding rules are made of high-grade epoxycoated Swedish steel, and thus can withstand the harshest weather conditions.