real green - real. improved. visible.


Accurate results with green laser lines.

The new green SOLA lasers are equipped with real green diodes - this means that the green laser light is generated directly and not refracted by a red crystal. Regarding to the indirect methods there are many benefits of the new REAL GREEN technology ...


The human eye is not equally sensitive to all colours (wavelengths) of the light spectrum. The wavelength of green light shows the best perception of our eyes.


The green light is generated directly by new laser diodes. They make the new REAL GREEN laser technology more accurate than ever. Losses and inaccuracies that occurred using earlier indirect methods are reduced to an absolute Minimum.


The new REAL GREEN laser technology generates laser lines with noticeably fewer speckles. This generates higher-quality laser lines to be generated, which make tasks considerably more comfortable for the user.


The wider temperature range of the new technology creates greater flexibility in the use of green lasers. Working in Temperatures ranging from -10° to +50° is possible without any problems and this broadens the scope of application.


The new REAL GREEN technology is an outstanding feature compared with conventional green lasers, thanks to greater energy efficiency and low power consumption, therefore ensuring longer operating time.

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