Why are wooden pencils from SOLA so perfect for marking surfaces?

SOLA pencils are simply indispensable, regardless of your requirements. We produce them using high-quality limewood, making our pencils sturdy and easy to sharpen. What’s more, our pencils are environmentally friendly as they are coated with paint that is free from heavy metals.


SOLA pencils are made of high-quality limewood which makes them easy to sharpen.


Every SOLA pencil is finished three times with a high-quality varnish. In order to protect the environment, we only use varnish which does not contain toxic heavy metals.

Adhesion of the markings

The abrasion of the pencil lead leads to the markings on the surface. The specific formulas of pencil materials, e.g. clay, graphite or wax, can influence the hardness and adherence of the markings heavily.

On rough surfaces, such as wood, brick, concrete, stone, etc., the markings are weather-resistant, although not permanent. After a while, the color pigments are washed-out and the markings will fade.

Removal of the markings

The pencil lead and the surface material/structure are important factors when it comes to the removability of the markings. In general, it is easier to remove pencil markings from smooth surfaces.

Due to the number of materials and surfaces, general directions on how to remove the pencil markings cannot be made. That is why we recommend testing the pencil first on a sample piece of the material that is going to be used.