Why are squares and rulers from SOLA indispensable?

With a SOLA square or ruler, you always have the reliability of a rigorously tested tool. Precisely worked and robustly equipped for a long service life. We also only use high-quality materials for our SOLA squares and rulers, perfectly tailored to your respective application.


Only the highest quality materials are used for SOLA-squares. Our high quality standards are the minimum requirement for both the stocks and the measuring blade.

  • The blades are made of hardened, flame-blued, plain, stainless or galvanized steel.
  • The stocks are made of wood, die-cast aluminium, plastic or anodized aluminium (giving surface protection).

    All measurement graduations are etched or printed on to the stocks or blades. The measuring surfaces are either milled, polished or sanded. All squares edges are finely finished for accuracy.


  1. stainless steel
  2. flame-blued spring steel
  3. spring steel, powder coated


  1. ABS plastic
  2. coated die-cast
  3. bronze anodized


At SOLA the quality control starts with the selection of materials. During production, each individual manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure the highest degree of quality.

Where high accuracy is required, reliable Measuring tools are an indispensable factor. With SOLA Squares you can be sure you are using a carefully tested tool. We guarantee an accurate product and thanks to the robust design, also a long service life.