atlas green


Discover the green multiline-laser with one horizontal and three vertical lines and a measuring tolerance of only 0.20 mm/m.


  • REAL GREEN – green diodes for best visibility
  • Fine adjustment for precise alignment of the
    vertical laser lines – plumbing point remains in position while the device is turning
  • Sturdy tripod with a foot height of 52 mm

Due to the good visibility of the green laser lines the ATLAS GREEN
works well for versatile tasks ,such as, set up dry-walls, transmission
of reference markings, levelling of electric sockets or pipe
installations. The ATLAS GREEN is especially useful for angular
measurements and aligning.

For easy orientation the ATLAS GREEN provides reference levels,
due to intersection of the three 180° vertical lines, the horizontal line
and the plumbing point. These reference points allow for an easy
transmission from wall to wall or floor to ceiling.

The ATLAS GREEN line panorama enables a quick and precise control
of right angels. The fine adjustment allows precise alignment of the
vertical laser lines.

A secure stand on the sturdy tripod is guaranteed. Thanks to the 52
mm high feet, the ATLAS GREEN can be put over dry-wall tracks or
various construction components ,to find the exact plumbing point.