LASER distance meter

VECTOR 20, vector 40, VECTOR 80 & Vector 100 pro - the right laser DISTANCE METER for everyone


The VECTOR 100 PRO with the latest technology has everything covered, integrated bluetooth and camera function, user-friendly touch-screen and a built-in inclination sensor.

An attractive professional tool for measuring distances of up to 100 m at an accuracy of 1.5 mm.


The Vector 20 measures distances between two points and features a continuous measurement
function. Distances can be measured very accurately and conveniently in just a few seconds.

Specially developed for fast measurements

Ready for use at the touch of a button, using the VECTOR 40 is practically self-explanatory. Not only does it measure distances between two points or determine surface areas, but it also features other functions for everyday use. Rapid measuring that is state-of-the-art!

Specially developed for the most demanding applications

Incorporating the 10 most common functions, the VECTOR 80 is a practical device in many trades. In addition to the standard functions of the VECTOR 40, you can use it to add, subtract and calculate volumes. Its integrated measurement value memory also saves the last 20 results and it has an indirect 2-point measurement feature.


Applications in detail

Sola, VECTOR, Length measurement

Length measurement

With the VECTOR 20, 40 and 80, you can measure distances from two reference edges, front and back. The VECTOR 80 can also be extended to take measurements from an additional 3rd side variants.

Sola, VECTOR, surface measurement

Surface measurement

Thanks to the automatic calculation function, determining surface areas with the VECTOR could not be simpler.

What is more, the devices also show the volume of the area being measured.

Sola, VECTOR, volume measurement

Volume measurement

The VECTOR 80 is ideal for determining the volume of a room. With the laser distance meter from SOLA, you can calculate the volume in a matter of seconds.

Sola, VECTOR, min. / max. measurement

Min. / max. measurement

You can find out both minimum and maximum distances by measuring the shortest distance between 2 points or the longest distance, such as a diagonal.

Sola, VECTOR, continuous measurement

Continuous measurement

The continuous measurement feature enables you to determine your desired target distances quickly.

Sola, VECTOR, indirect 3-point measurement

Indirect 3-point measurement

Using 3 length measurements, you can measure a distance along a line that you cannot access with pinpoint accuracy. You measure the shortest and longest distance and the distance at a 90° angle.

Sola, VECTOR, indirect 2-point measurement

Indirect 2-point measurement

Measure an indirect, inaccessible line with just a press of a button by taking 2 distance measurements.

Addition / subtraction

The other useful functions of the VECTOR 80 include addition and subtraction. This enables you to calculate your measurement values as you go.

Measurement value memory

The VECTOR 80 enables you to call up your last 20 measurement results at any time from its integrated memory.