Sola has equipped its new 360° line laser with real green laser diodes. The use of Real Green technology means the lines are brighter, sharper and more visible. The HORIZON GREEN makes accurate reference marking and 360° horizontal levelling possible, and is the perfect low-cost alternative to rotation lasers on smaller-scale construction sites.




Low costs and accuracy with REAL GREEN technology

The green light is generated directly by new laser diodes, which saves energy and minimises speckles. Losses and inaccuracies that occur using indirect methods are reduced to an absolute minimum. The new REAL GREEN technology is an outstanding feature compared with conventional green lasers, thanks to greater energy efficiency and low power consumption, therefore ensuring longer usage periods. The wider temperature range of the new technology allows greater flexibility in the use of green lasers. It is possible to work in temperatures ranging from -10 to +50°C without any problems, therefore broadening the scope of application.

Accurate working with green laser lines

The HORIZON GREEN is ready for use at the touch of a button, and feels highly intuitive to operate. The vertical line forms a 90° angle together with the horizontal 360° laser line. With HORIZON GREEN, it is possible to level up to 25 metres, with a measurement tolerance of just 0.20 mm/m. When used in conjunction with the available REC LGDO hand-held receiver, the range is increased to over 80 metres. The applications are numerous, whether laying screed, laying concrete on floors or creating formwork. Outdoors, the HORIZON GREEN makes it quick and easy to determine height differences using a tripod and measuring rod. Protection class IP54 ensures that the robust housing of the laser is protected against splashes and dust.

The Sola line laser is supplied with a height-adjustable wall mount, allowing the device to be fixed perfectly in place. A nail hole or, alternatively, the integrated magnet, allow it to be fixed to metal surfaces. The fine adjustment feature also enables the tiniest of vertical or horizontal adjustments to the laser line.

Full power. Full usage

Sola has compiled two powerful sets for the HORIZON GREEN. The HORIZON BASIC package includes the wall mount and battery adapter. The HORIZON GREEN PROFESSIONAL version includes a tripod and a LI-ION battery set in addition to the other accessories.

The Sola LI-ION battery enables the HORIZON GREEN to operate for up to 14 hours, and provides power right to the end of its capacity without any appreciable loss of performance.


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