1949 Limited Edition




Material Aluminum
Measuring tolerance, standard position 0.50 mm/m (0.029°)
Measuring tolerance, inverted measurement 0.75 mm/m (0.043°)
Model Length
AZ-Set 60 + 120cm cm

Optional accessories

Features AZ

  • Better, faster, and more accurate reading through the patented SOLA FOCUS vials
  • Improved readability in dim light thanks to optimized SOLA luminous backing
  • Outstanding measuring accuracy in standard and inverted position
  • Break-resistant acrylic block vials with a magnifying lens (+20 %) and a 30-year guarantee against leakage
  • Extremely rugged profile made of high-strength aluminum alloy for a long service-life
  • Shock-absorbing end caps

Applications AZ

  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement
Technical details
Item description Box profile spirit level
Dimensions 50 x 24 mm
Material Aluminum
Surface coated
Color black
Profile weight 750 g/m
Measuring tolerance, standard position 0.50 mm/m (0.029°)
Measuring tolerance, inverted measurement 0.75 mm/m (0.043°)
Number of horizontal vials 1
Number of vertical vials 1
Measuring surface coated
End cap 1-c

Are you ready to hold history in your hands?

We're celebrating our 75th anniversary and have prepared something very special for you: the 1949 LIMITED EDITION spirit level set!

The anniversary edition: 1949 LIMITED EDITION

Two premium spirit levels from our top AZ model range, but this time not in the usual gold color. Indeed, for the first time, these two spirit levels feature a black profile and a unique design. The 60 cm version? It is characterized by the original SOLA logo from 1949, the year the company was founded!

These spirit levels are not only elegant, but also exude the customary, first-class SOLA quality. They include patented SOLA FOCUS vials which provide a measuring accuracy to take your projects to a new level; 0.5 mm/m in a standard position, and 0.75 mm/m in an inverted position.

As a bonus, you will be given a code for a free 120 cm spirit level protective bag with every set!

Highlights at a glance

Robust and unique:
The top 60 cm and 120 cm AZ models with robust, black aluminum profile (750 g/m) and a unique design as a limited edition.

Patented SOLA FOCUS vials:
Break-proof acrylic glass block vials with magnifying lens (+20%) for more precise measurement and better readability.

Outstanding measuring accuracy:
0.50 mm/m (standard position), 0.75 mm/m (inverted position).

Free spirit level protective bag:
Each set includes a code for a spirit level protective bag free of charge (BAG 120 cm), redeemable online.

Company origins: SOLA in 1949

Let's take a quick trip back in time to 1949. The year it all began. The first SOLA spirit level - the NT4 inclinometer made of wood - was created in the loft of a house. And the brand name SOLA? It stems from the initials of the brilliant minds behind the idea. Guido Scheyer's (founder) two employees, Mr. Sottopietra and Mr. Latzel, played a key role in this. Their initials gave rise to our SOLA trademark, which is now known worldwide.

So, what are you waiting for? Snap up the 1949 LIMITED EDITION, a piece of history in your hands, and turn your projects into legends!