About SOLA


Since 1949 the SOLA brand has meant high precision measuring and marking tools. As experts in measuring and marking, we manufacture a wide range of products for professional builders. Our “passion for precision” means we continuously develop and optimize our products to meet the needs of our most demanding users. Characterized by consistent simplicity, efficiency and precision, SOLA innovations set the standard on a worldwide scale in many applications from civil engineering to interior construction. SOLA is a family-owned Austrian company and known as the market leader in premium spirit levels.

To make sure the products meet your expectations as closely as possible, we set high quality standards, which are subjected to constant control in our own laboratories and testing facilities. Since June 2018 we are ISO 9001:2015 certified by Quality Austria. This system provides quality assurance for all areas of the company. All levels are built under these high quality assurances, which require multiple human and machine tests. Every single level and its components are tested before leaving our company.


Over 75% of all products are manufactured in Goetzis, Austria, where our headquarters and production facilities are located. This is where the 200 employees work every day to get the world´s best box beam levels into the hands of users in more than 80 countries in the world. Our production has a very high level of vertical integration: All plastic components such as end caps, handles, vial holders, etc. are manufactured on one of our 50 injection molding machines.



The company is founded by Ing Guido Scheyer

Launch of the NT4 wooden inclination spirit level on the roof of the private house in collaboration with Sottopietra and Latzel

The SOLA brand name is formed from the first syllables of each name


Production of the first SOLA aluminium box beam levels

SOLA is the first Austrian company to win the iFdesign Award for the spirit level gold


SOLA Germany is founded

Own production of acrylic vials begins – guaranteeing consistent quality across SOLA measuring tools. The leak protection is assured by the patented ultrasonic welding of the vials

First production hall is established at the current site


Construction of a second workshop on the existing site


SOLA-Metál in Hungary is founded


Production of lasers begins


SOLA Suisse-AG is founded


New generation of spirit levels: BigX with patented, temperature-independent vial-fixing


Foundation of SOLA Levels USA


A world-first: the patented FOCUS vial offers faster, more accurate and superior readability


Keson and SOLA alliance, Foundation of Keson LLC


2021 BIG RED digital series

2022 BIG RED M magnetic series


1957 Spirit level gold

1970 Small spirit level R 102

1975 Spirit level P 80

1976 Spirit level AZB 60

2010 Crossline-laser FCL

2010 Crossline-laser X2

2017 Precision spirit levels HPL


2010 Rotation laser Trigon

2014 Line-dot-laser iOX5

2016 Crossline-laser SMART

2016 Crossline-laser CROSSLINE

2022 Digital inclinometer and protractor GO! SMART


2011 Rotation laser Trigon

2016 Line-dot-laser iOX5