SOLA has developed a completely new installation method, specifically for magnetic spirit levels, where the magnets are inserted into the profile from the side. This brings considerable advantages for the user in terms of precision, adhesive force, cleanliness and safety.

Smooth and clean measuring surface

In standard magnetic spirit levels, the magnets are installed directly into the measuring surface. However, the lateral magnet installation concept developed by SOLA has the clear advantage of leaving the measuring surface entirely smooth. Impractical recesses on the spirit level’s measuring surface are a thing of the past – the recesses tend to collect dirt and metal chips, which are difficult to remove. The smooth measuring surface is easy to clean, allows for precise work and also reduces the risk of scratches on sensitive painted surfaces. This also reduces the risk of injury caused by metal chips which adhere to the magnets.


Excellent adhesive force

The laterally installed, extra-strong neodymium magnets are ‘rare-earth’ magnets and ensure the highest adhesive force – whether they are positioned horizontally or vertically. The magnetic spirit levels guarantee a strong hold, without slipping, even on pipes and painted or curved steelwork components. They are ideal for any type of work which benefits from hands-free operation, such as aligning and adjusting metal posts or beams, and aligning wall and ceiling profiles during drywall installation.


Greatest possible stability

The laterally installed magnets are particularly useful for situations where the spirit level is exposed to heat generation or vibrations. This installation method makes it impossible for the magnets to loosen or be pulled out, and they always stay securely installed.


Lateral magnet installation in SOLA aluminum profile spirit levels

All magnetic SOLA aluminum profile spirit levels will be switched over to lateral magnet installation. This includes the very popular, red-coated models BIG REDM and the magnetic variant of the digital spirit level BIG RED digital.