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SOLA, the Austrian trailblazer in precision measurement tools, is thrilled to introduce a game-changing advancement in the field of spirit levels – the BIG RED CLASSIC MAGNETIC SET featuring the revolutionary lateral magnet installation method. This pioneering innovative feature marks a new era of precision, convenience, and durability, further solidifying SOLA's position as a leader in the industry.


METRON 60 BT Laser Distance Meter

The METRON 60 BT enables measurements up to 200 feet (60 m) with up to ±1/16 inch (±1.5 mm) accuracy. The device has nine measuring functions including measured value memory and is suitable for a diverse range of applications. With the integrated Bluetooth interface, measured values can be directly and wirelessly transferred to your smartphone or tablet via the SOLA Measures app.


RSI 7 & RSI 12 Rafter Squares

The RSI 7 and RSI 12 rafter squares with a durable T-edge on one edge combine all the features of a ruler, try square, miter square, angle meter, and a rafter measurer, and can even be used as a scribing tool and saw guide. They are ideal for marking and checking 45° and 90° angles, measuring angles between 0° and 90°, or for marking lines parallel or perpendicular to the T-edge. The special scales enable you to mark common, hip, and valley rafters.



The T PRO is a lightweight, magnetic, torpedo spirit level that is suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks thanks to its compact size. You can measure horizontally, vertically, and even at a 45° angle and with a measuring accuracy of +/-1 mm/m thanks to the unit’s three vials. The three extra-large vial recesses ensure maximum readability.


Magnetic Spirit Levels with New Lateral Installation Method

SOLA has developed a completely new installation method, specifically for magnetic spirit levels, where the magnets are inserted into the profile from the side. This brings considerable advantages for the user in terms of precision, adhesive force, cleanliness and safety.


BIG RED digital: digital spirit level with Bluetooth

The RED digital is ideal to use anywhere, where inclinations, slopes and angles need to be measured quickly and precisely. The RED(M) digital levels are highly precise with an integrated electronic inclinometer module and Bluetooth interface. Furthermore, they are sturdy and easy to use.


GO! smart

The digital GO! smart from SOLA combines the functions of a spirit level, an inclinometer and a protractor in a single device. Equipped with a backlit display and a magnetic base with a V-groove, this compact all-rounder has versatile applications. The GO! smart’s Bluetooth interface means that it can be used together with the free SOLA Measures app, giving you access to useful additional functions.


TLM2 hole marker: One pencil, two functions!

The TLM2 is not just a pencil or a hole marker. The TLM2 is a pencil with multiple functions. With the screw-on attachment made from ABS plastic, the TLM2 hole marker fits comfortably in the hand and is ideally suited for the precise marking and writing. Remove the attachment, and the long, stainless steel tip enables high-precision marking in hard to access areas—for instance, drill holes during assembly work.


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