Digital spirit levels



Material Aluminum
Measuring tolerance, standard position 0.0003 in./in. (0.3 mm/m, 0.017°)
Measuring tolerance, inverted measurement 0.0005 in/in. (0.50 mm/m, 0.029°)
Model Length
BIG RED 10" digital 10 inch
BIG RED 24" digital 24 inch
BIG RED 48" digital 48 inch
BIG RED 72" digital 72 inch


  • Measuring tolerance Solatronic module:
    0.05° at 0° and 90°
    0.1° between 1° and 89°
  • Bluetooth interface for the SOLA Measures app
  • Adjustable inclination display in °, %, mm/m, and in/ft
  • HOLD function for storing measured values and for transferring angles
  • Convenient reading thanks to reversible display for inverted measurements
  • Protection class IP65

Applications BIG RED DIGITAL

  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement
  • Angle/inclination measurement
Technical details
Item description Electronic incline spirit level
Dimensions 2.32 in. x 1.06 in. (59 x 27 mm)
Protection class IP65
Power supply 3 x 1.5 V (AAA) batteries
Material Aluminum
Surface coated
Color red
Profile weight 0.60 lb/ft (890 g/m)
Measuring tolerance, standard position 0.0003 in./in. (0.3 mm/m, 0.017°)
Measuring tolerance, inverted measurement 0.0005 in/in. (0.50 mm/m, 0.029°)
Number of horizontal vials 1
Number of vertical vials 1
Special characteristic Solatronic module with Bluetooth
Measuring surface coated
End cap 2-c

BIG RED Digital levels with Bluetooth


The BIG RED DIGITAL is ideal to use anywhere, where inclinations, slopes and angles need to be measured quickly and precisely. These digital levels are highly precise with an integrated electronic inclinometer module and Bluetooth®, which interfaces with the free SOLA Measures app. Furthermore, they are sturdy and easy to use. 


BIG RED DIGITAL levels, Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner 2021

pro tool innovation award winner 2021

SOLA received the Pro Tool Innovation Award 2021 for the BIG RED DIGITAL levels in the hand tools category. Here's what the Pro Tool Innovation Awards judges said about the BIG RED digital levels:

“SOLA gives you just about everything you could hope for on a digital level: a backlit screen to make sure you can always read it, automatic screen rotation based on your working angle, audio cues to help guide you, and Bluetooth connectivity to make use of SOLA’s Measures app. Since this is a SOLA BIG RED level, you can count on it being accurate and having SOLA’s easy-to-read vials as a backup to the digital readout.”

BIG RED DIGITAL spirit levels with protection class IP65


  • Measuring tolerance standard position ≤ 0.0003 in./in. (0.3 mm/m, 0.017°), inverted position ≤ 0.0005 in./in. (0.5 mm/m, 0.029°)
  • Measurement tolerance of Solatronic module:
    0.05° at 0° and 90°/0.10° between 1° and 89°
  • Adjustable inclination display in °, in/ft, %, mm/m
  • HOLD function for storing measuring results and transferring angles
  • Digital display rotates automatically in inverted positions
  • Permanently backlit display for optimum readability
  • Acoustic signal guide
  • Patented SOLA FOCUS vials for BIG RED 24" DIGITAL, BIG RED 48" DIGITAL and BIG RED 72" DIGITAL
  • Protection class IP65: dustproof and protected against water jets
  • Bluetooth interface for use with SOLA Measures app


Integrated electronic inclination module of BIG RED DIGITAL levels


The key feature of the BIG RED DIGITAL is the integrated electronic inclinometer module (Solatronic module). The measuring results can be displayed via the MODE function either in degrees (°), in/ft (decimal or fractional), percent (%) or mm/m. Using the ‘Hold’ function, measuring results can be saved for later use and angles can be transferred easily.

BIG RED DIGITAL level, inverted position

Optimal readability for inverted measurements

When taking inverted measurements, the digital display automatically rotates on the digital level module. This is particularly helpful for inverted measurements. Thanks to the permanently backlit display, the measurement result can also be clearly read even under poor visibility conditions.

BIG RED DIGITAL level, acoustic signal guide

Acoustic signal guide

For unfavourable angles and difficult to view/dark areas, the acoustic signal guide can be switched on. The closer the digital spirit level gets to the standard position (0° and 90°), the higher the frequency of the acoustic signal. This enables measurements to be taken without directly viewing the display and frees up both hands to assemble furniture, for example.

The BIG RED 24" DIGITAL, BIG RED 48" DIGITAL and BIG RED 72" DIGITAL spirit levels are fitted with the patented SOLA FOCUS vial


The BIG RED 24" DIGITAL, BIG RED 48" DIGITAL and BIG RED 72" DIGITAL are fitted with the patented SOLA FOCUS vial (pictured right). This acrylic glass vial includes an integrated magnification lens (+60%) and has a significantly higher degree of contrast compared to a ring vial. This makes it faster to take measurements and achieves more accurate and therefore better results. The measurement tolerance is ≤ 0.0003 in./in. (0.3 mm/m, 0.017°) in the standard position and ≤ 0.0005 in./in. (0.5 mm/m, 0.029°) in inverted positions. Further quality features: The vial fluid is antistatic and has excellent light resistance.

Bluetooth and the SOLA Measures app

Download the app for useful additional functions

  • Real-time transfer of the measured values from the measuring device to your smartphone
  • Remote control of functions on the measuring device via the app
  • Automatic recording and storage of the measurement results with the date and time
  • Addition of notes, photos and videos to stored measured values
  • Photo overlay: The measured values, date and time are displayed and stored directly on the photo
  • Display of all stored measured values in the clearly arranged measured value memory
  • Sharing function allows fast sending of measurement results
  • Once paired, measuring devices are automatically found by the app and connected
BIG RED DIGITAL level, magnetic, Bluetooth, SOLA Measures app

bluetooth + SOLA Measures App

The Bluetooth interface syncs the BIG RED digital spirit levels with the free SOLA Measures app, giving you access to useful functions. For example, measured values can be transferred to your smartphone in real time and functions on the digital level can be controlled via the app. With each measurement taken, real-time data (such as date and time) are automatically recorded in the app’s measured value memory. It is also possible to upload notes, photos or videos for every measurement and to share these quickly and easily. The user-friendly menu navigation makes the app intuitive and easy to use. iOS and Android versions are available.

BIG RED DIGITAL 10 inches, app, ADA approved

Managing and documenting measured values - ADA approved!

Real-time data such as the date, time and location are automatically recorded for each measurement in the app’s measured value memory. You also have the option of adding notes, photos or videos to the measured values. One useful tool contained in the app is the photo-overlay export. This lets you photograph the actual working or measuring site using your smartphone, where the real-time data such as measurement, date, and time are displayed and saved directly on the photo. The measured values including all key data can be easily and quickly shared with your team at any time. Perfectly suited for complying ADA measuring and documentation guidelines.


BIG RED 10" DIGITAL inclinometer

BIG RED 10" digital

At just 10 inches, the short digital inclinometer from SOLA is ideally suited for the precise measurement of inclinations and angles with smaller contact surfaces. The BIG RED 10" DIGITAL inclinometer is used, for example, for installing window sills or laying pipelines. Thanks to its compact size, this digital inclinometer can be easily stored and transported in any common tool box.

BIG REDM DIGITAL, magnetic digital spirit level

BIG REDM digital

The BIG REDM DIGITAL is equipped with extra-powerful neodymium magnets and offers outstanding adhesive force on all magnetic surfaces. Thanks to the lateral insertion method of the magnets, the measuring surface is entirely smooth, easy to clean and allows for clean and precise work. The seamless measuring surface reduces the risk of scratches on sensitive painted surfaces. The magnetic version BIG REDM DIGITAL comes in 24 inches and 48 inches