The BIG RED digital levels are ideal to use anywhere where inclinations, slopes and angles need to be measured quickly and precisely. These digital levels are highly precise, with an integrated electronic inclinometer module and Bluetooth®, which interfaces with the free SOLA Measures app.


Digital measurement of inclinations and angles

The key feature of the BIG RED digital spirit levels is the integrated electronic inclination module (Solatronic module) with a measurement tolerance of 0.05° at 0° and 90° and 0.10° between 1° and 89°. The measuring results can be displayed via the “Mode” function either in °, in/ft, % or mm/m. The “Hold” function enables you to “freeze” the current measured values on the display, while the “Inc” (for inclination) function enables angles to be transferred easily.


Reversible display and sound alert

When taking inverted measurements, the readings on the digital display automatically rotate with the level. The permanently backlit display allows the measurement results to be clearly read, even when lighting is poor. In case of unfavorable angles, the sound alert can be switched on. This makes it easier for measurements to be taken without directly viewing the display, and is ideal for use when performing tasks where both hands are required.


Bluetooth for SOLA Measures app

The Bluetooth interface syncs the BIG RED digital spirit levels with the free “SOLA Measures” app, giving you access to useful functions. For example, measured values can be transferred to your mobile device in real time and functions on the digital level can be controlled via the app. With each measurement taken, real-time data (such as date and time) are automatically recorded in the app’s measured value memory. It is also possible to upload notes, photos or videos for every measurement and to share these quickly and easily. The user-friendly menu navigation makes the app intuitive and easy to use. iOS and Android versions are available.


The BIG RED digital product series in detail

The BIG RED digital series is made up of one 10-inch inclinometer and three inclination/spirit levels measuring 24 inches, 48 inches and 72 inches in length with patented SOLA FOCUS vials. The magnetic version BIG REDM digital comes in 24 inches and 48 inches and is fitted with extra-strong neodymium magnets, which are installed laterally in the profile for a seamless measuring surface and maximum protection of the magnet.