Plastic spirit levels



Material Aluminum/ABS plastic
Measuring tolerance, standard position 0.001 in/in. (1.00 mm/m, 0.057°)
Magnet Magnetic strip
Model Length Length
T PRO 23 cm 9 inch

Optional accessories

Features T PRO

  • Robust aluminum frame combined with ABS plastic guarantees long service life with low weight
  • Magnetic stripe with high adhesive strength
  • Measuring surface with practical V-groove for pipes
  • Viewing window integrated into frame and large vials ensure optimal readability
  • Four-ring vial for incline display of 2% when measuring horizontally
  • Compact, lightweight, handy

Applications T PRO

  • Horizontal measurement
  • Vertical measurement
  • Angle/inclination measurement
Technical details
Item description Torpedo spirit level
Dimensions 9.06 in. x 0.59 in. x 1.69 in (230 x 15 x 43 mm)
Material Aluminum/ABS plastic
Color black/red
Measuring tolerance, standard position 0.001 in/in. (1.00 mm/m, 0.057°)
Number of horizontal vials 1
Number of vertical vials 1
Special characteristic 45° angled vial, 4-ring vial (2% incline)
Measuring surface Aluminum/V groove
Magnet Magnetic strip
Magnet Yes

T PRO Magnetic Torpedo Spirit Level

The T PRO is a lightweight, magnetic, torpedo spirit level that is suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks thanks to its compact size. You can measure horizontally, vertically, and even at a 45° angle and with a measuring accuracy of +/- 0.001 in/in. thanks to the unit’s three vials. The three extra-large vial recesses ensure maximum readability.


  • High-quality spirit level with proven accuracy (0.001 in/in., 1.00 mm/m, 0.057°)
  • Aluminum body with plastic covering for optimal stability
  • Recessed magnetic strip ensures a flat measuring surface, precise measurement results, and leaves your hands free when aligning metal surfaces
  • Practical V-groove on the top side for use on pipes and cables.
  • Large vial recesses for optimum readability
  • Horizontal vial features 4 rings for 2% measurement
  • Extremely versatile thanks to its compact dimensions and three break-resistant acrylic tube vials for horizontal, vertical, and angle measurements

compact size

The magnetic torpedo spirit level features a sturdy aluminum body with a strong ABS plastic cover for maximum stability and durability, even under the harshest site conditions. The three tube vials are compact and well-protected. The magnetic strip is recessed for precise measurement results with a measuring tolerance of +/-0.001 in/in (1.00 mm/m) on the horizontal.

Three tube vials

The T PRO is equipped with three break-resistant acrylic tube vials for horizontal, vertical, and 45° measurements. The horizontal 4-ring vials are also suitable for measuring inclinations of 2%. The extra-large recesses ensure the vials can be read comfortably from all sides.

Lightweight versatility

The magnetic torpedo spirit level is handy, lightweight, and extremely versatile. At 9 inch, it can fit in any toolbox or in your pockets. Its compact size and conical shape mean it’s perfect for working in the tightest spaces. The V-groove in the frame makes it perfect for use on pipes and lines. The magnetic measuring surface means the T PRO effortlessly adheres to metallic elements, leaving your hands free to adjust and align.