The new METRON 60 BT laser distance meter measures distances of up to 200 feet (60 m) with up to ±1/16 inch (±1.5 mm) accuracy*. The measuring units are switchable among in, ft, in+ft, m. The device has nine measuring functions including measured value memory and is suitable for a diverse range of indoor and outdoor applications. With the integrated Bluetooth interface, measured values can be directly and wirelessly transferred to a smartphone via the SOLA Measures app. The METRON 60 BT comes with a handy belt pouch, hand strap and charging cable.


Comprehensive Measuring Functions

The METRON 60 BT has nine measuring functions, including the basic functions of length, area and volume measurement, together with continuous measurement. In addition, the METRON 60 BT can calculate inaccessible distances indirectly with a high degree of accuracy from two or three length measurements (using Pythagoras’ Theorem) and can measure minimum and maximum dimensions. Measurements can be added and subtracted quickly and simply on the device. The last 30 measurement results can be retrieved at any time from the integrated memory.


Useful Features Simplify Measurements

The METRON 60 BT has a number of practical features. The backlit display guarantees optimal readability, whatever the light conditions. The 1/4" thread on the rear means the METRON 60 BT can be easily attached to a tripod, something that is particularly important when measuring points have to be precisely targeted. The METRON 60 BT’s endpiece can be folded out at a 90° angle to support the device when carrying out measurements from outside edges. The integrated Li-ion battery (3.7 V, 850 mAh) ensures a long operating time and can be easily charged using a USB-C cable.


Document, Manage and Share Measured Values

The integrated Bluetooth interface enables the wireless transfer of measured values from the METRON 60 BT to the SOLA Measures app on a smartphone. Using the free app, you can document and visualize measurements on site or quickly share measurement data with colleagues. The unit of measurement can be changed directly during the measurement (in, ft, in+ft, m). The SOLA Measures app is suitable for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the respective app stores.


*This degree of precision applies when measuring distances of up to 35 feet (10 m); when measuring distances of between 35 and 200 feet, the maximum tolerance may decrease by 0.0001 in./in. (0.1 mm/m).