RSI 7 & RSI 12


SOLA is launching two rafter squares in North America with edge lengths of 7 inches (RSI 7) and 12 inches (RSI 12). Both rafter squares are in the shape of an isosceles right-angled triangle with a T-edge on one leg and they combine the features of a ruler, try square, miter square, angle meter, and a rafter measurer. In addition, they can be used as a scribing tool or a saw guide, thanks to their durable edge. Made from aluminum, the rafter squares are lightweight, yet robust and durable.


Ideal for Marking and Measuring

The SOLA rafter squares are true multifunction tools thanks to the number of recesses and imperial scales on both sides, making them ideal for marking lines and angles. The offset scale beneath the T-edge means lines can be marked perpendicular to the T-edge. If you are looking to mark or scribe parallel lines with a pencil, use the 1/4-inch spaced scribing notches.


0–90° Angle Measurer

If the rafter square is placed with the T-edge on the rafter or workpiece, you can quickly and easily mark or check a 45° or 90° angle. Any angle between 0° and 90° can be measured using the degree scale on the hypotenuse of the rafter square. To do this, simply rotate the rafter square around the pivot point to the desired angle on the degree scale.


Rapid Marking of Miter Cuts

The different scales and recesses of rafter squares are primarily designed for use with wood – be this during carpentry, joinery, or woodwork. Rafter squares are an essential item in any carpenter’s toolbox—especially during roof and rafter construction. As well as the degree scale, they also have a recess with two special scales for marking common, hip, and valley rafters. In addition, the SOLA rafter squares have a 90° marking aid for rafter seat cuts.


Robust and Durable

SOLA rafter squares are made from lightweight aluminum and will provide years of use thanks to their robustness and durability. The scales on both sides are lasered, dazzle-proof, and have enhanced contrast, which means you can quickly and comfortably read off measurement results.