Mechanical construction pencil




Material High-quality plastic
Model Length Length
CPM 15.5 cm 6.1 inch

Optional accessories

Features CPM

  • Refills with rectangular shaped profile for extra precise markings
  • Sturdy, reliable push mechanism
  • Unscrewable push button for easy and quick refill
  • Durable ABS plastic housing of handy length
  • Waterproof, durable and environmentally friendly by avoiding wood

Applications CPM

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Dry wood
  • Paper/cardboard
Technical details
Item description Construction pencil
Operating temperature 14 °F to 104°F (-10°C to +40 °C)
Material High-quality plastic
Lead Graphite, hardness HB

Mechanical construction pencil with a durable service life

The CPM is a mechanical construction pencil with push-button mechanism for marking and drawing on a wide variety of surfaces at the touch of a button. The CPM pencil lead is quick and easy to refill or replace. The CPM pencil leads are available in different degrees of hardness for versatile applications. The housing of the retractable mechanical pencil is extremely robust and resistant - made for tough demands on the construction site.

Robust design for a durable service life

The CPM retractable mechanical construction pencil is equipped with a reliable feed mechanism, whereby the lead automatically moves down at the push of a button.

The CPM's metal core is extremely stable and virtually indestructible. The ABS plastic cover with grooves ensures a secure grip and protects the pencil lead, not only from breakage, but also from moisture and dust. The fastening clip allows the construction pencil to be attached securely to your trouser or jacket pocket, always there where you need it.

Pencil lead refills in different degrees of hardness

The lead of the CPM construction pencil is refillable or can be changed depending on the application. The unscrewable push button makes refilling the CPM quick and easy. The lead refills are available in two degrees of hardness. The 10H graphite lead refill is particularly suitable for rough, hard surfaces such as concrete, brick or stone. The softer HB graphite lead, on the other hand, is intended for materials such as wood, paper or cardboard. This makes the CPM mechanical construction pencil suitable for a wide range of trades ranging from concrete construction to woodworking.

Rectangular leads for precise lines

The rectangular cross-section of the leads offers the advantage of clear and even lines. The flat shape ensures stable, consistent lines by preventing the lead from wobbling or twisting. The rectangular leads also allow flexible line widths. This means that the CPM construction pencil can be used to draw wafer-thin lines, as well as to make clear marks on rough materials.


  • Robust, reliable push-button mechanism for mechanical lead feed
  • Resistant ABS plastic housing for a durable service life
  • Unscrewable push button for easy and quick refilling of the leads
  • Rectangular lead cross-section for drawing precise lines and flexible line thicknesses
  • Interchangeable leads in different degrees of hardness for a wide range of applications
  • Waterproof, durable and environmentally friendly due to the absence of wood