Spirit Level

The quality of spirit levels

Initial and continuous quality control are both equally important when it comes to producing a high-precision spirit level. Our long-standing production know-how and various quality checks, both during and after the production process, guarantee a final product of the highest quality.

The production process begins with premium raw materials, delivered to us by reliable long-term partners. Whether it is aluminum for the spirit level profiles or granulate for the molded acrylic casing, the starting point for the best spirit levels is always high-quality raw materials.

In addition to the excellent quality of these raw materials, we conduct in-house checks as well. When producing such a high-quality measuring tool, it is important to make sure our high standards are met every step of the way.


Throughout the electrical production process, our employees randomly sample individual components to conduct a manual check. Regular sample checking is extremely important as it helps us catch and eliminate any errors quickly. It is especially important to thoroughly check the vials, as they are highly sensitive. We make sure that vials are checked carefully at our testing station by trained, experienced employees.

After all essential parts are assembled, the spirit level undergoes a final check using a machine. Various important components and features are reviewed thoroughly. All vertical and horizontal vials, in both the standard and inverted position, get tested. It is very important that the spirit level shows correct measuring results in both the standard and inverted positions.

Because of all of these testing checkpoints, we can guarantee that our spirit levels are 100% accurate before they leave the production facility and are distributed all over the world.

As mentioned above, continuous quality checks of the product range are also very important, to ensure that the quality of our products remain high over the years. We not only collect feedback from professionals that use our levels regularly, but we also subject the spirit levels to various extreme conditions that can occur on construction sites. These tests results, for example of performance in both high and low temperatures, are important as they let us optimize our spirit levels accordingly