The most important spot on a level is the ½-inch span “between the rings” of the vial. It’s that space that determines if your job is done, or if you need to tweak things a little bit more. As a professional, you look at that space a lot – multiple times a day.

After talking to hundreds of professional builders, we challenged ourselves to come up with a solution to make your daily work easier. The result is the patented SOLA FOCUS vial.

In 2011 we invented this technology and stopped using ring vials in our premium levels. The reason was simple: Over 80% of professional level users we surveyed overwhelmingly preferred the SOLA FOCUS vial. SOLA FOCUS vials provide a 4x higher contrast than ring vials. This allows an easier, faster reading and more precise measuring.*

* Source: Results of the analysis “Contrasts of vial bubbles”. V-Research, November 2010.


Compared with ring vials, our FOCUS vials enable users to more quickly, accurately and easily read a level. FOCUS vials are designed with a green FOCUS printing and green caps. Their color is reflected by the leveling bubble, creating unparalleled contrast between the bubbles edge and the FOCUS printing.


Our patented FOCUS vial technology enhances the bubble with a magnification of +60%. Your benefit: The bubble movement is more visible and reading errors are reduced to a minimum – even from a distance.


Every horizontal SOLA FOCUS vial is equipped with a luminous backing beneath the vial. This fluorescent light plate enables easier reading in low light situations without any LEDs.


SOLA FOCUS vials are made of break-resistant acrylic material. Besides its resistance to deformation or breakage, the acrylic is highly UV resistant. Our patented ultrasonic welding of the vials ensures no leaks.


The FOCUS fluid is not affected by electricity and will not fade under sunlight. Furthermore, the strictly guarded composition of our fluid prevents bubbling in case of shock. Our formula as performs without problems at a greater range of temperatures than any other level vial.