Laser distance meters

Which VECTOR from SOLA is the right choice for you?

For your most common interior construction tasks, SOLA has the right laser distance meter for you: the intuitive VECTOR 20,  VECTOR 50, VECTOR 80 & VECTOR 100 PRO are equipped with all the essential functions you need and are extremely convenient to use when working.

Digital distance measurement offers many advantages compared with conventional measurement using a folding rule or measuring tape. Distances can be measured very easily and conveniently in just a few seconds. In addition, depending on the model the devices are able to calculate surface areas and volumes at the touch of a button, have a touch screen, integrated Bluetooth and camera function and a built- in inclination sensor.

The laser focuses on a target for measurement. The distance meter then emits a laser pulse, which begins the measuring process. The pulse is reflected from the target and received by the photocell in the device. This enables the exact distance to be calculated using the time span between the emission and reflection of the laser. In practice, Sola uses a process in which the phase change between external pulsing and internal reference pulsing is determined.

Only a small surface area is necessary for location when using laser measurement. For ultrasound, it must be much larger in order to enable it to reflect relevant sound waves. Laser distance meters are easier to use and more accurate than ultrasound distance meters, and far more convenient than measuring using a folding rule and measuring tape.


Your most frequently used measuring functions are ready to use at the touch of a button. The display offers fast and intuitive navigation through the other function levels and settings.

Min- /Max measurement

You can find out both minimum and maximum distances by measuring the shortest distance between 2 points or the longest distance, such as a diagonal.


For simplified target point orientation 

Over greater distances or in poor light conditions, it is often difficult to accurately locate the measuring point but even these measurements are easy to carry out thanks to the camera function. The 2 and 4 x zoom camera allows users to aim accurately at specific target points using the display. Users can easily measure distances of up to 100 m at the push of a button.


Digital data transfer 

You can transfer the measured data quickly and efficiently via Bluetooth directly to your smartphone. In addition, there is a data cable for transfers, which can also be used to charge the device. This allows measurement results to be digitally transferred from the VECTOR 100 PRO to other devices.


Create sketches, dimension photos and export the results of your work – the free VECTOR Measure & Sketch app makes recording and documentation measured values fast and easy. Thanks to the self-explanatory menu navigation using the app is child’s play.

Sola, laser distance meter, display

4-row display + backlight (VECTOR 80)

Sola, laser distance meter, large keys

Easy grip thanks to the combination of plastic and soft-touch components

Sola, laser distance meter, measuring corner

Measuring right into the corners (VECTOR 80)

ROTATING DISPLAY (vector 100 pro) 

4-LINES DISPLAY + BACKLIGHT (vector 100 pro) 

MINI TRIPOD MST (vector 100 pro)