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SOLA has unveiled a new version of its CROSSLINE GREEN cross line laser, the new CROSSLINE GREEN NX. Upgraded technology means the new model has a longer operating time of around eight hours. The self-leveling CROSSLINE GREEN NX projects a horizontal and vertical green laser line with a maximum measuring tolerance of ±0.2 mm/m. When combined with a handheld receiver, the device has a range of up to 80 m.


RS 18 & RS 30

In the RS 18 and RS 30, SOLA is expanding its range of squares with two new rafter squares with edge lengths of 18 cm and 30 cm. Both rafter squares are in the shape of an isosceles right-angled triangle with a T-edge on one leg and they combine the features of a ruler, try square, miter square, angle meter, and a rafter measurer. In addition, they can be used as a scribing tool or a saw guide, thanks to their durable edge. Made from aluminum, the rafter squares are lightweight, yet robust and durable.



At just 23 cm and featuring a magnetic base and V-groove on the upper measuring surface, the new T PRO torpedo spirit level is suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks. Thanks to its three vials, the T PRO allows you to carry out measurements horizontally, vertically, and even at a 45° angle and all with a measuring tolerance of ±1 mm/m. The extra-large vial recesses ensure maximum readability. The robust aluminum frame combined with ABS plastic guarantees a long service life at a low weight.



Following the success of the METRON 60 BT during the past year, SOLA is now adding two new laser distance meters with Bluetooth technology to its “Digital Series.” The new METRON 30 BT for shorter distances of up to 30 m, with its six measurement functions, is suitable for a wide range of possible applications. The new professional device for demanding applications is the METRON 80 BTC for distances up to 80 m, which boasts 16 comprehensive measuring functions and a pointfinder camera. Both models are equipped with Bluetooth, meaning that measured values can be transferred directly to your smartphone via the SOLA Measures app.



The CITO digital tape measure from SOLA can measure lengths of up to 5 m and displays the measured value in either mm or cm. The digital display has a measuring tolerance of ±1.0 mm. The CITO has two measurement reference points on the front and rear edge, making it perfect for many measurement requirements. The tape is highly resistant to scratches, water, and chemicals thanks to its special nylon coating. The permanent tape break automatically secures the tape in place when extended. Equipped to protection class IP54, the CITO is protected against dust and splashes and is suitable for measurement applications both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the CITO can be used with the SOLA Measures app.


SOLA Wins a Red Dot Design Award 2022

SOLA has won a Red Dot Design Award 2022 in the product design category for its GO! SMART digital inclinometer and protractor. The around 50-strong international Red Dot Award jury were impressed by the tool’s user friendly design, which ensures easy and intuitive handling. The “Red Dot” award has established itself as one of the most well-respected seals of quality in the field of product design around the world.



The new PLANO 3D GREEN line laser from SOLA with REAL GREEN laser diodes can be used universally and can achieve a range of up to 80 m when used with the handheld receiver. The device has one horizontal and two vertical 360° green laser lines, which can be switched on individually. The easy to use PLANO 3D GREEN levels quickly and extremely precisely with a maximum measuring tolerance of just ±0.30 mm/m. Thanks to the selectable tilt function, the device can also mark slopes. Equipped with powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells, the PLANO 3D GREEN stands out due to its long operating time of around 8 hours.


EVO 360

Intuitive, robust, and ultra-precise: The new fully automatic self-leveling EVO 360 rotation laser from SOLA. With its user-friendly one-button operation, the device levels quickly and easily, both horizontally and vertically, with a maximum measuring tolerance of 0.1 mm/m. The radius of the laser is 20 m, or 300 m with handheld receiver, which equates to a working area of 600 m in diameter. The device automatically offsets inclines of up to 5°. The EVO 360 has a protection class of IP66 and is therefore protected against dust and water.



The new RED Clip from SOLA is the first metal spring clip on the market that can be used to attach a spirit level to a screeding edge or screeding level, resulting in a wider range of applications for the screeding edge/level. This combination can now be used to precisely level horizontal surfaces, measure façades in a vertical position and measure inclines digitally. The RED Clip is compatible with all spirit levels from SOLA’s RED series and all SOLA screeding edges and screeding levels with a rectangular profile. The RED Clip is protected by a utility model in Germany.



The new METRON 60 BT laser distance meter measures distances of up to 60 m with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm. The device has nine measuring functions including measured value memory and is suitable for a diverse range of indoor and outdoor applications. With the integrated Bluetooth interface, measured values can be directly and wirelessly transferred to a smartphone via the SOLA Measures app.



The chalk line is an indispensable tool for marking straight lines with chalk powder, both indoors and outdoors. Offering even more convenience and speed when working, SOLA is now introducing the CLKS chalk line reel. The robust marking device has a cord length of 30 meters and impresses with its rapid line retrieval with a 6:1 gear ratio and a transparent sliding window.



With the DHM drill hole marker (black) for deep hole markings and the universal PMB (black) and PMR (red) permanent markers, SOLA has added three waterproof marking pens to its range of markers. The new markers all have a waterproof, fast-drying and light-resistant ink and a practical attachment clip with roll stop. This can be conveniently clipped to the trouser or chest pocket and also prevents the annoyance of the pen rolling away when working on smooth surfaces.



The current SOLA TLM deep hole marker is getting an upgrade and becoming the TLM2. Like its predecessor, the TLM2 marks drill holes quickly and easily up to a depth of 45 mm (1.7 inches). New for the TLM2 is the screw-on attachment made from ABS plastic. This converts the deep hole marker into a mechanical pencil for convenient marking, writing and drawing on a wide range of materials and surfaces.


GO! smart

The digital GO! smart from SOLA combines the functions of a spirit level, an inclinometer and a protractor in a single device. Equipped with a backlit display and a magnetic base with a V-groove, this compact all-rounder has versatile applications. The GO! smart’s Bluetooth interface means that it can be used together with the free SOLA Measures app, giving you access to useful additional functions.


RED digital

New name, new color, new features: the digital spirit levels from SOLA are showing themselves in a new light. The original ENW series has been renamed RED digital. It has robust profiles and is painted a bright SOLA red. The electronic inclination module has been fitted with a practical Bluetooth interface. This means all products in the RED digital series can be used with the brand-new and free app 'SOLA Measures'.


AZM magnetic spirit level gets an upgrade

The AZM, the magnetic version of SOLA’s classic golden AZ spirit level, is getting an upgrade. As of now, extra-strong magnets made from neodymium will be installed in the side of the profile and no longer directly into the measuring surface as in the past. This brand-new lateral magnet installation method developed in-house by SOLA provides noticeable advantages when using the spirit level, in particular when it comes to precision, adhesive force, cleanliness and safety.


Crossline P2 Green

The new Crossline P2 Green is SOLA’s follow-up model to the Crossline Green line laser, already available as part of the product portfolio. New features include two red plumb points and a switchable tilt function. The Crossline P2 Green is ideally suited for tasks such as plumbing, levelling, aligning or marking out right angles in drywall and interior construction.


SOLA develops new magnet installation method for spirit levels

SOLA has developed a completely new installation method, specifically for magnetic spirit levels, where the magnets are inserted into the profile from the side. This brings considerable advantages for the user in terms of precision, adhesive force, cleanliness and safety.


MRMI Installation

The MRMI Installation level from SOLA is the right spirit level for taking measurements during installation work. The robust aluminum profile with its hard anodized coating prevents annoying color abrasion on the measured object. The laterally integrated, extra-powerful neodymium magnet and the V nut ensure optimal adhesion of the spirit level to metallic surfaces and pipes. Thanks to the printed scale with standard installation measurements, installation points can be easily transferred.


MW 305 and MW 1000

SOLA offers two measuring wheel models with an analogue counting mechanism in two different sizes for different applications. The models have a variety of outstanding features, including an extremely robust counting mechanism with a reset button for zeroing the counter, a height-adjustable telescopic guide rod for easy handling, and an abrasion-resistant precision measuring wheel made from high-quality plastic.



SOLA’s popular spirit level models RED and BIG RED are now available in magnetic. The highlight of these magnetic spirit levels is the entirely new lateral installation of the magnet, with the advantages immediately noticeable to the user when using the spirit level.



The new VECTOR 50 is incredibly easy to use and allows you to work quickly and at maximum efficiency. The enhanced measuring functions of the VECTOR 50 and its operating range of up to 50 meters make this laser distance meter a practical and affordable building aid.


ENW 25

At just 25 cm, the short digital inclinometer from SOLA is ideally suited for the precise measurement of inclinations and angles with smaller contact surfaces. The ENW 25 is used, for example, for installing window sills or laying pipelines. Thanks to its compact size, the device can be easily stowed in any tool box and be transported.


Screeding Edge AL 2607

Professionals working in façade and interior construction know the requirements that a screeding edge/featheredge needs to meet in day-to-day usage. Despite the high loads placed on it, the tool must not deform and should be reliable in its handling. The new AL 2607 screeding edge from SOLA combines ergonomics and maximum stability in a new combination profile. Thanks to this new shape, it does not twist even under high loads, and stays straight over its entire length.



Those who want to mark out straight lines on surfaces both indoors and out, need a highly practical tool: a chalk line reel. The new CLG chalk line reel from SOLA fulfils the specific needs of professional craftsmen. The device has an exceptionally tear-resistant 30-metre cord and a large filling chamber for the chalk powder. It is ideal for applications where a clear visible line is needed, and where the robustness of the cord and housing are paramount.



It’s all going green again at SOLA. SOLA is expanding its range of lasers with the ATLAS GREEN. The green, self-levelling multi-line laser has one horizontal and three vertical lines and one plumb point. It has an impressive measuring tolerance of 0.20 mm/m.


Sola Invests Millions in the North American Market

Sola, the Götzis-based market leader for premium spirit levels, is driving international growth with an investment in US company Keson. From this autumn, all business and sales activities for the North American market will be handled by the newly formed company, Keson LLC. The two contractual parties have agreed not to disclose the size of the investment.



The new FLOX floor and cross-line laser impresses with its front-projected floor cross and levelled wall cross with a measuring tolerance of 0.3 mm/m or 0.5 mm/m, the new FLOX floor and cross-line laser is particularly impressive.



The PLANO 3D from Sola stands out from the crowd with its compact design and ease of use, allowing work to be carried out quickly and with an incredibly low measuring tolerance.



Sola is adding to its established range of spirit levels with the handy GO! pocket spirit level. The GO! stands out as it is robust, incredibly easy to use and helps save valuable time on the construction site or at home.



Sola has equipped its new 360° line laser with real green laser diodes. The use of Real Green technology means the lines are brighter, sharper and more visible. The HORIZON GREEN makes accurate reference marking and 360° horizontal levelling possible, and is the perfect low-cost alternative to rotation lasers on smaller-scale construction sites.



Joining SOLA’s popular and well-established VECTOR 40 and VECTOR 80 laser distance meters is the newest member of the VECTOR family, the VECTOR 20. The VECTOR 20 can be used for length measurement and continuous measurement. It has been specially developed for day-to-day use, when you need measurements fast. In addition, no prior experience with laser distance meters is required.



The precision of Sola devices is well-known, but that doesn’t mean the Austrian professionals are resting on their laurels. The CROSSLINE GREEN has been fitted with new green laser diodes, and the use of the REAL GREEN technology enables SOLA to redefine the renowned CROSSLINE. REAL GREEN laser technology makes the crossline laser even less sensitive to low temperatures, while providing greater flexibility in its use.



Many years of experience and expertise in the latest technology work in perfect harmony at SOLA in the Austrian town of Götzis, as the relaunch of the ENW proves. This precision spirit level has been equipped with a new, intelligent electronic inclinometer module.



With the RED/BIG RED spirit level, the measurement professionals at SOLA have set new standards. Certain details of the most precise box-profile spirit level have been further optimised to guarantee even better functionality, while the uncompromising accuracy that is the mark of all the Austrian market leader's top-of-the-range models remains unchanged.



SMART by name and smart by nature. The SMART cross-line laser from SOLA has been developed as its name suggests: for smart easy use across a range of manual Tasks in indoor areas. Above all, the SOLA development team has thought about first-time users, who just want to get started on the job.



Laser professionals expect a lot from a cross-line laser. Quite right, says SOLA, in bringing to market its powerful CROSSLINE tool, created for indoor and outdoor use. Optimum laser beam visibility and a range of up to 80 metres are what make CROSSLINE a valuable addition to the SOLA laser range.



SOLA has won the Red Dot Award for its SMART and CROSSLINE crossline lasers, once again gaining recognition for its superior product design. The award means that both of these products, from the latest generation of lasers, now bear one of the most well-respected seals of quality in the field of design.



What more can be done to improve spirit levels? Quite a lot, according to measurement professionals at SOLA. With the precision spirit level HPL, they show how it is possible to completely redesign a classic tool used in interior construction.


VECTOR 40 & 80

The first question that SOLA faced was: can we develop the right laser distance meters to meet every challenge? The answer is yes! With the VECTOR 40 and VECTOR 80, SOLA has brought two own laser distance meters to the market for the first time, enabling efficient completion of the applications most frequently executed by professional craftspeople.


German Design Award 2016

German Design Award 2016 for the iOX5 from SOLA Excellent product design enjoys a high priority at SOLA which is illustrated impressively by a long list of international design awards since 1957. With the line- and point-laser iOX5 SOLA continues this tradition: The hybrid laser, which was specially designed for use in drywall construction, was honored with the German Design Award 2016 in the category "Excellent Product Design".


iF Design Award

In 1957, SOLA was the first Austrian company to win the iFdesign Award.