Following the success of the METRON 60 BT during the past year, SOLA is now adding two new laser distance meters with Bluetooth technology to its “Digital Series.” The new METRON 30 BT for shorter distances of up to 30 m, with its six measurement functions, is suitable for a wide range of possible applications. The new professional device for demanding applications is the METRON 80 BTC for distances up to 80 m, which boasts 16 comprehensive measuring functions and a pointfinder camera. Both models are equipped with Bluetooth, meaning that measured values can be transferred directly to your smartphone via the SOLA Measures app.


METRON 30 BT: Compact Basic Device with Six Measuring Functions

The METRON 30 BT measures distances of up to 30 m with an accuracy of ±2.00 mm*. The device has basic length, surface, and volume measurement functions as well as continuous measurement. Furthermore, the METRON 30 BT can calculate indirect, inaccessible distances precisely using two length measurements (Pythagoras), and perform min./max. measurements. One particularly useful feature is the METRON 30 BT’s integrated vial. This ensures that the device is correctly positioned for horizontal measurements. The three-line backlit display enables quick reading in any lighting. The METRON 30 BT is delivered with a practical belt case, hand strap, and two 1.5-V (AAA) batteries for an operating time up to 5000 measurements.


METRON 80 BTC: Professional Device with Pointfinder Camera

The METRON 80 BTC has a range of up to 80 m with an accuracy of ±1.50 mm*. With 16 measuring functions, it is the top professional device in the world of SOLA laser distance meters. As well as length, continuous, and min./max. measurement, the METRON 80 BTC also enables indirect measurements. The device can also be used to calculate circular and triangular areas, as well as cylinder volumes. The practical marking out function allows users to measure and mark out equal distances. The METRON 80 BTC is also equipped with a tilt sensor for leveling and angle measurements. The pointfinder camera with 2x and 4x zoom clearly shows the measuring point, and the optical target point shown on the display allows users to precisely target the object. To enable users to easily read values in any situation, the four-line backlit color display rotates automatically. The 1/4" thread on the back enables the METRON 80 BTC to be conveniently mounted on a tripod, so that measuring points can be precisely targeted. The METRON 80 BTC meets protection class IP65 and is dust-tight and resistant to jet water. The three 1.2-V Ni-Mh batteries supplied with the device are rechargeable, enable a long operating time, and can be quickly charged using the charging cable included. The device also comes with a belt pouch and a hand strap.


Transfer Measurements to Smartphone

The integrated Bluetooth interface enables fast and flawless transfer of measured values from the METRON 30 BT and the METRON 80 BTC to the SOLA Measures app on your smartphone at the touch of a button. The app allows you to determine the dimensions of photos or sketches directly, and to save, manage, and share measurement results with your team. The SOLA Measures app is free and is compatible with iOS or Android devices.


* Accurate from 0.05–10 m. The maximum tolerance of 0.1 mm/m may deteriorate at distances between 10 m and 30 m (METRON 30 BT) and between 10 m and 80 m (METRON 80 BTC).