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CPM mechanical construction pencil

The CPM is a mechanical construction pencil with push-button mechanism for marking and drawing on a wide variety of surfaces at the touch of a button. The CPM pencil lead is quick and easy to refill or replace. The CPM pencil leads are available in different degrees of hardness for versatile applications. The housing of the retractable mechanical pencil is extremely robust and resistant - made for tough demands on the construction site.


PM DUO. Duo permanent marker

The unique PM DUO is the first marker pen that combines the functions of a drill hole marker and a permanent marker in one pen. The PM DUO is the ideal marking tool for a variety of craft projects. With its two tips, it offers versatility and precision in a single pen. Whether pinpoint drill hole markings are to be made, or permanent markings are to be applied, the PM DUO meets all requirements.


IMW white industrial marker

The IMW white industrial marker is the ultimate choice for professionals working in the world of industry and manufacturing. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, this marker is an indispensable tool for marking and labeling applications in a variety of industries. The round tip with a line thickness of 4 mm also enables the permanent marking of a wide range of materials.


WMD 200 & WMD 500 Digital angle finder

The WMD 200 or WMD 500 digital angle finder com-bines the functions of a digital protractor and a ruler in a single electronic tool. The WMD allows measur-ing, transferring and drawing internal and external angles. The digital LCD display makes reading the measured value much easier, and guarantees precise results with an accuracy of ±0.3°.


CROSSLINE GREEN NX cross line laser

The CROSSLINE GREEN NX green cross line laser with green laser diodes projects horizontal and vertical laser lines at a right angle. The bright and high-contrast REAL GREEN laser lines are suitable for high-precision tasks in interior areas. The continuous pulse functionality increases the application range of the CROSSLINE GREEN NX with a handheld receiver to 80 m.


RS 18 & RS 30 Rafter Squares

The RS 18 and RS 30 rafter squares with a durable T-edge on one edge combine all the features of a ruler, try square, miter square, angle meter, and a rafter measurer, and can even be used as a scribing tool and saw guide. They are ideal for marking and checking 45° and 90° angles, measuring angles between 0° and 90°, or for marking lines parallel or perpendicular to the T-edge. The special scales enable you to mark common, hip, and valley rafters.



The T PRO is a lightweight, magnetic, torpedo spirit level that is suitable for a wide range of measuring tasks thanks to its compact size. You can measure horizontally, vertically, and even at a 45° angle and with a measuring accuracy of +/-1 mm/m thanks to the unit’s three vials. The three extra-large vial recesses ensure maximum readability.


METRON 30 BT and METRON 80 BTC with Bluetooth

The two new laser distance meters – the METRON 30 BT for distances up to 30 m and METRON 80 BTC for 80 m – are equipped with Bluetooth, meaning that measured values can be transferred directly to your smartphone via the SOLA Measures app. The 6 measuring functions of the METRON 30 BT make it your ideal tool for your day-to-day measurement tasks, while the METRON 80 BTC with 16 measuring functions and integrated pointfinder camera is perfect for professional applications.


CITO digital tape measure with Bluetooth

Precise measurement and digital documentation of measurements: CITO measures lengths of up to 5 m with a measurement tolerance of ±1.0 mm, and shows the measurement digitally on the display – either in mm or cm. CITO quickly connects to the SOLA Measures app via Bluetooth. This allows measurements to be transferred directly from the CITO to the smartphone to dimension photos or construction plans.



The PLANO 3D GREEN is a line laser with green horizontal and vertical 360° laser lines. When it comes to precise alignment in a room, the PLANO 3D GREEN is more suitable than almost any other laser device. The lines can be individually switched on and off, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The high-quality sharp REAL GREEN laser lines ensure optimum visibility with absolute accuracy. Equipped with powerful lithium-ion battery cells, the PLANO 3D GREEN also stands out due to its long operating time.



The EVO 360 is a highly accurate and user-friendly rotary laser level for precision horizontal and vertical leveling, including over large distances. It’s a versatile tool and extremely easy to use thanks to the single-button control. Self-leveling starts automatically and the EVO 360 has no problem handling inclines up to 5°. What’s more, both the EVO 360 and the REC RRD1 hand-held receiver are designed to protection class IP66 and so are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.



The RED Clip mounting clip is a metallic friction spring for connecting a RED spirit level to a screeding level. Combining the two products using the RED Clip mounting clips expands the range of potential applications for both products and simplifies working processes on the construction site.


METRON 60 BT laser distance meter with Bluetooth

The METRON 60 BT enables measurements up to 60 m with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm. The device has nine measuring functions including measured value memory and is suitable for a diverse range of applications. With the integrated Bluetooth interface, measured values can be directly and wirelessly transferred to your smartphone or tablet via the SOLA Measures app.



The new SOLA CLKS chalk line reel is a lightweight, sturdy plastic chalk line reel with a 6:1 gear ratio, making it ideal for day-to-day use construction. 


PMB & PMR permanent markers

Across all trades, marking, tagging and labelling things is part of the day-to-day operations on-site. Depending on the job and the type of surface to be marked, pencils, chalk and paint-based marker pens and sprays can be used. Water-resistant permanent markers such as the practical PMB and PMR pens are recommended for permanent markings, in most situations.


DHM drill hole marker: Permanent marker for marking of deep holes

The DHM (drill hole marker) is the ideal, water-resistant pen for precisely and indelibly marking drill holes, indentations and for placing marks in hard-to-reach locations.


TLM2 hole marker: One pencil, two functions!

The TLM2 is not just a pencil or a hole marker. The TLM2 is a pencil with multiple functions. With the screw-on attachment made from ABS plastic, the TLM2 hole marker fits comfortably in the hand and is ideally suited for the precise marking and writing. Remove the attachment, and the long, stainless steel tip enables high-precision marking in hard to access areas—for instance, drill holes during assembly work.


GO! smart

The digital GO! smart from SOLA combines the functions of a spirit level, an inclinometer and a protractor in a single device. Equipped with a backlit display and a magnetic base with a V-groove, this compact all-rounder has versatile applications. The GO! smart’s Bluetooth interface means that it can be used together with the free SOLA Measures app, giving you access to useful additional functions.


RED digital: digital spirit level with Bluetooth

The RED digital is ideal to use anywhere, where inclinations, slopes and angles need to be measured quickly and precisely. The RED(M) digital levels are highly precise with an integrated electronic inclinometer module and Bluetooth interface. Furthermore, they are sturdy and easy to use.



The AZ box beam level has been the classic model in the SOLA spirit level range for decades. The newly upgraded magnetic version - The AZM - will replace the existing model. The upraded model has lateraly inserted magnets which leaves the measuring surface undisturbed and easy to clean. This brings considerable advantages for the user in terms of precision, adhesive force, cleanliness and safety.