Laser accessories



Measuring tolerance superfine: ±1.00 mm / fine: ±2.00 mm / medium: ±5.00 mm / rough: ±10.00 mm

Optional accessories

Features REC RRD2

  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity in 4 levels
  • Large 90-mm laser reception window for rapid localization of laser beam
  • Extra-large LCD display on the front and back for comfortable working
  • Optical and acoustic signaling for fast positioning of the receiver
  • Automatic switch-off
Technical details
Item description Receiver REC RRD2 EVO 360
Dimensions 192 x 73 x 29 mm (without bracket)
Measuring tolerance superfine: ±1.00 mm / fine: ±2.00 mm / medium: ±5.00 mm / rough: ±10.00 mm
Operating temperature -15 °C to +60°C
Protection class IP66
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries
Operating time (at 20 °C) 48 hrs
Application range (radius) 300 m
Weight 257 g (without batteries)

Included accessory

  • Clamp RRD1 + RRD2
  • 4 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries

Laser receiver for rotation laser with numerical display

The REC RRD2 receiver localizes the rotating red laser beam of a rotation laser quickly and precisely. The display with an indication of the numerical measured value shows the distance of the laser beam to the reference plane with pinpoint accuracy. The RRD2 thus guarantees the reliable and accurate detection of the laser beam, even in adverse lighting conditions or over long distances.

The RRD2 hand-held receiver is equipped with a 90 mm long detection field to receive the laser beam with maximum accuracy. When the beam hits the detection field, the deviation of the laser beam from the reference plane is displayed as a numerical value in millimeters or centimeters on the display. In addition, an arrow indicates the direction in which the receiver must be moved. An acoustic signal and LED displays also provide feedback on the laser beam position. Four precision levels allow the sensitivity of the receiver to be adapted to the measurement requirements and conditions. 

The REC RRD2 receiver can be used up to a distance (radius) of 300 m. It can be held by hand, attached to a metal surface or fixed to a measuring rod using a clamp.


  • Display on both sides with a numerical indication for easy readability
  • 4 precision levels: ± 1.0 mm, ± 2.0 mm, ± 5.0 mm, ± 10.0 mm
  • Measured value display optionally in mm or cm
  • Visual and acoustic signal guidance in 3 volume levels
  • 1 horizontal and 1 vertical vial for precise alignment 
  • Marking notches on both sides
  • IP66 protection class for harsh construction site conditions