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Features SOLA Data Connector

  • Direct data transfer during the measurement: Thanks to the SOLA Data Connector, CITO measured values can be transferred to any desired software on Windows® computers via Bluetooth®
  • Avoid errors: Immediate documentation of the measured values avoids illegible handouts and transmission errors
  • Fast and precise measurements: The SOLA Data Connector allows fast and precise measurements without interrupting the measurement process
  • Individual settings: The product allows individual settings for units, key assignment, comma separation and language
  • Licensed for installation on 5 end devices. If you require more than 5 end devices, please contact us for a customized offer
  • Free trial: A free trial version covering 10 test measurements is available for download

SOLA Data Connector: Transfer measured values easily and efficiently

Who doesn’t know it? Transferring measured values to the computer by hand can be time-consuming and error-prone. But this tedious task is a thing of the past. With the SOLA Data Connector, we offer an innovative solution for transferring measured values digitally from the CITO digital tape measure to any desired program quickly, precisely and effortlessly. The system requirements for the terminal are that it has Windows 10 or higher and supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The advantages of the SOLA Data Connector at a glance:

  • Fast and precise transfer: Measured values are transferred quickly and wirelessly from the CITO to a PC running Windows 10, or higher, operating systems, saving time and minimizing potential transmission errors.

  • Versatile data transfer: Measured values can be transferred to any desired program, from various ERP systems and CAQ software to Microsoft Excel.

  • Customizable settings: In the settings, the preferred decimal separator (dot or comma), the desired length unit (centimeter, millimeter, inch, foot), and the keys of the measuring device can be configured as desired (e.g. Enter or Tab).

  • Suitable for different industries: Whether in quality assurance in industrial companies, in shipping departments or in logistics - all industries that require the digital transfer of measured values benefit from the SOLA Data Connector.

Wireless connection for maximum flexibility

The SOLA Data Connector is an application software that enables a direct connection between the digital tape measure CITO and a PC with the Windows 10 operating system or higher. The connection between the CITO and the computer is made conveniently and reliably via Bluetooth. Thanks to this wireless connection technology, annoying cable connections are a thing of the past, allowing greater flexibility and freedom of movement when working. Thus measured values can be transferred directly and quickly from the CITO to the computer.

Data transfer to any program

Once connected, a world of possibilities opens up: Measured values can be transferred directly to any program with an input form - be it an ERP system, CAQ software, a web application, Microsoft Excel or other applications. This eliminates the need for tedious manual handling and typing, saving valuable time and reducing potential sources of error during transfer. The measurements and documentation can be easily completed by a single person. The SOLA CITO measuring device must not even be put down during the entire documentation process.

Suitable for different industries

From quality assurance in industrial companies, to shipping departments and logistics, every industry and every area of application in which measured values must be transferred digitally from measuring devices to computers benefits from the performance of the SOLA Data Connector. Whether it's a matter of accurately recording dimensions, optimizing processes or increasing efficiency in logistical operations, the SOLA Data Connector stands for the reliable and precise transfer of measured values that improves workflow in numerous areas.

Easy handling and individual settings

The SOLA Data Connector is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. The application software offers the option of setting the decimal separator according to your own preferences - whether dot or comma. In addition, it is possible to select the preferred length unit in which the measured values are to be transmitted: Centimeter, Millimeter, Inch or Foot. In the SOLA Data Connector settings, the measuring device keys can be configured as desired (e.g. Enter or Tab).

License Model

A single license for the SOLA Data Connector allows the installation of the software on 5 devices. There are no annual costs. If you have use cases for more than 5 devices, please contact us for a customized offer.

Free trial version

For those who want to test the SOLA Data Connector in advance, we offer a free trial version that allows 10 measurements.

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