Spirit level accessories

RED Clip


Material Stainless spring steel
RED Clip (2 x RED Clip)

Features RED Clip

  • The screeding level can be used as an inclinometer in combination with a RED digital spirit level
  • Compatible with all SOLA RED models
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Level horizontal surfaces
  • Measure inclines digitally
  • Stainless spring steel guarantees durability and lasting strong clamping force
Technical details
RED Clip
Item description Red Clip
Material Stainless spring steel
Color silver
Special characteristic Clip system for the Red family of spirit levels

RED CLIP: The practical mounting clips  for enhanced use of screeding levels

The RED Clip mounting clips are metallic friction springs for connecting a RED spirit level to a screeding level. Combining the two products using the RED Clip mounting clips expands the range of potential applications for both products and simplifies working processes on the construction site. Not only does this allow users to level horizontal surfaces with precision, it also enables them to digitally measure inclines and measure vertical façades. 

Works with all Red models 

The RED Clip mounting clips are compatible with all RED models. Thanks to the horizontal reinforcing ribs in the RED models’ extra-strong box profile, the clips can be directly clamped onto the profile without slipping.     

Easy assembly and disassembly

First, attach the RED Clip mounting clips to the spirit level’s box profile. This is done by pressing the two clips together with equal force and clipping the clamps onto the reinforcement ribs. After that, you just need to push the clip onto the narrow edge of the screeding level. 

To disassemble, first remove the clips together with the spirit level from the screeding level, then press the clips together to release the clamps from the spirit level’s profile.

Levelling horizontal surfaces 

In seconds a simple screeding level can be turned into an accurate tool for precisely levelling horizontal surfaces by attaching a RED spirit level with RED Clip mounting clips. Screeding levels with vials are normally used for this task but these can accumulate a lot of dirt, making the vials difficult to read. However, if you use a screeding level combined with a spirit level, not only is it less liable to accumulate dirt, but it also can be removed for levelling.

Measuring inclines digitally

When used with the RED Clip mounting clips and a RED digital, a screeding level can even be used to measure inclines. This allows users to measure inclines and gradients easily and with precision. The RED digital spirit levels from SOLA are precision spirit levels with an integrated electronic tilt module and Bluetooth interface. The digital spirit levels are extremely precise, sturdy and easy to use. 

Warning: For precise working, we recommend calibrating the RED digital before each use.

Measuring vertical façades

Screeding levels are also used for vertical applications, such as checking that façades. Particularly when using the longer screeds with lengths between 3 and 6 meters (10 and 20 feet), it is not possible to read the vials from the ground. By attaching a RED spirit level using mounting clips, the user is able to do so much more easily. 


  • Enhanced applications for screeding levels: Using RED Clips, screeding levels can be combined with any RED model and therefore also work as a spirit level.
  • Clear measurement results: Screeding levels with vials often accumulate a lot of dirt, meaning the vials can no longer be clearly read. When combined with a spirit level, any screeding level can quickly be converted into a spirit level and deliver precise measurement results.
  • New feature: The screeding level can be used as an inclinometer in combination with a RED digital spirit level
  • Full flexibility: You can combine any length of screeding level with any RED model