4D line laser level

Line lasers



Measuring tolerance ±0.30 mm/m
Application range without handheld receiver (radius) 30 m*
Application range with handheld receiver (radius) 80 m*


  • Two vertical 360° and two horizontal 360° laser lines allow for universal use
  • Ground-level horizontal 360° laser line for checking the floor for bumps and slopes
  • Highly visible laser lines, individually switchable
  • Switchable inclination function
  • Compact, lightweight, handy
  • Switchable pulse function for the use of the optional receiver REC LGD0 in difficult visibility conditions

Applications PLANO 4D GREEN

  • Horizontal leveling
  • Inclination manual
  • Vertical leveling
  • 90° alignment
  • Plumbing
  • Aligning
Technical details
Item description Line and point lasers
Dimensions 150 x 95 x 145 mm
Leveling Self-leveling
Measuring tolerance ±0.30 mm/m
Self-leveling range ±3°
Application range without handheld receiver (radius) 30 m*
Application range with handheld receiver (radius) 80 m*
Operating temperature -10°C to +50 °C
Tripod adapter 1/4"
Protection class IP54
Power supply 2 x 3.6 V (18650) Li-ion battery (2 x 3450 mAh)
Operating time (at 20 °C) 8 hrs (all diodes)
Laser class 2, DIN EN 60825-1 : 2014
Output power < 1.0 mW
Wavelength 510 - 530 nm

4D line laser level with 360° line panorama

Like the PLANO 3D GREEN, the PLANO 4D GREEN is a laser level with green horizontal and vertical 360° laser lines. Unlike its 3D counterpart, however, the PLANO 4D GREEN has a fourth ground-level horizontal line. This compact 4D line laser level therefore boasts two horizontal lines in addition to two vertical lines.

4D Laser Level Application

Upon start-up, the 4D laser level projects two vertical laser lines and one horizontal line. The individual lines can be switched on or off at the touch of a button, and buttons can also be used to enable various applications. The floor and ceiling cross makes it easy to transfer markings or measurements and carry out precise vertical plumbing. The intersections of the laser lines create exact 90° angles—ideal for installing furniture or performing installation work. The ground-level horizontal line makes a wide range of flooring work significantly easier.

Precise floor leveling

The ground-level horizontal laser line makes the 4D laser level more versatile and increases its possible applications, as well as making various indoor jobs much easier. The ground-level laser line is particularly well suited for precision flooring work. For example, the laser can be used to check the floor for bumps, divots, and slopes prior to leveling a floor covering such as screed. When laying floor tiles the ground-level line acts as a reference to ensure this is executed precisely.

Switchable inclination function

Upon start-up of the 4D line laser level , the pendulum unit is released and self-leveling takes place automatically. Uneven surfaces of up to ±3° are automatically compensated with an accuracy of ±0.3 mm/m. By activating the inclination function, you can also use the PLANO 4D GREEN laser level to carry out work at an angle, such as installing stair railings.


Pulse mode for working with a handheld receiver

When working over greater distances or in unfavorable environmental conditions, we recommend using the REC LGD0 handheld receiver. Used in combination with the pulse mode on the 4D line laser level , the green laser lines are made visible via the handheld receiver, or an acoustic signal is emitted.

Real Green technology

Real Green technology means that SOLA laser devices feature real green diodes, which generate green laser light directly and without loss. This means that the laser lines are brighter with higher contrast and are perfect for precise measurements. The green laser lines exhibit less scattering, producing higher quality lines that are easier on the eye.

4D Laser Level Highlights:

  • Highest precision thanks to self-leveling with an accuracy of ±0.3 mm/m in a range of ±3°.
  • Two 360° vertical and two 360° horizontal laser lines, which can be individually switched on and off, providing you with ultimate flexibility.
  • Real Green laser technology for extra bright, sharp, and more visible lines.
  • Additional inclination function.
  • Pulse function for use with the optional receiver REC LGD0 in difficult visibility conditions.
  • Flexible, cost-effective power supply thanks to high-performance rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which last up to 8 operating hours.
  • Handy, compact design with just three control buttons for intuitive and one-handed operation.