Chalk line reels



Material ABS/TPR
Model Length
CLKS 30 m

Features CLKS

  • 6x faster line retraction thanks to crank gear drive
  • Lightweight and robust plastic housing with rubber cover for ergonomic handling
  • Viewing window to make it quicker to see the amount of chalk left in the device
  • Handle made from hardened steel
  • Integrated storage location for hooks
  • Convenient line extension: freewheel function by pressing the crank axle
Technical details
Item description Chalk line reel
Material ABS/TPR
Housing color red
Crank gear ratio 6:1
Cord material Polyester multifilament
Cord length 30 m
Max. tensile strength (ISO 2062) 196 N (±3 %)

The sturdy plastic chalk line reel with rapid line retrieval.

For many tradespeople, such as bricklayers, drywallers and tilers, a chalk/marking line is an essential tool. Chalk line reels are still the most cost effective way to mark straight lines. The new SOLA CLKS chalk line reel is a lightweight, sturdy plastic chalk line reel with a 6:1 gear ratio, making it ideal for day-to-day use construction. 

An ingenious device that is easy use

The CLKS chalk line reel has a lightweight yet sturdy plastic housing. Its ergonomic design and rubber grip make it an extremely comfortably. The grip also protects the CLKS from impact damage.

Rapid winding and unwinding 

The core of the CLKS chalk line reel is the gearing. The higher the gear ratio, the quicker the cord can be wound in using the crank. The CLKS chalk line reel has a 6:1 gear ration, meaning it can be wound up six times faster than standard devices. Unwinding the line with the CLKS chalk line reel is also extremely easy thanks to the freewheel function. Push in the crank axle to lock the crank: when the cord is pulled out, the crack won’t turn. 

Clever product details 

  • The handle and the hook are made from hardened steel, guaranteeing stability and longevity. 
  • Both the crank and the hook can be attached to the housing when storing the chalk line reel. 
  • The 30m cord is made from break-resistant polyester with also prevents line weakening or rot that effect cotton lines 
  • The transparent window makes it easier to read the chalk level.
  • The screw-off top/fill port makes refills easy and mess-free.


  • Lightweight and sturdy two-component plastic housing for comfortable operation and reliable stability
  • Winds six times faster thanks to 6:1 gear ratio 
  • Freewheel function for rapid line pull-out 
  • Handle and hook are made from hardened steel making them unbreakable and long-lasting
  • Break-resistant, 30m polyester line 
  • Transparent window makes it easy it easy to read the chalk level