The mechanical construction pencil CPM with reliable feed mechanism sets new standards in terms of precision and reliability. The pencil’s wide lead has a rectangular cross-section that enables particularly precise marking and drawing on a range of surfaces. The CPM is available with leads in different hardness grades and can be easily swapped out and refilled. Housed in a durable plastic casing, the CPM is particularly tough and is designed for use on construction sites.


Rectangular Lead for Precise Line Drawing

Thanks to a rectangular lead, the CPM is particularly suited to precise line drawing as well as marking and drawing. A clear advantage of the lead’s rectangular cross-section is that it enables clear and uniform line drawing. The flat shape allows for stable and continuous marking, without any annoying wobbling or lead twisting. In addition, this special lead allows for remarkable versatility in terms of line thickness, from ultra-fine lines to distinct markings, even on rough surfaces. The CPM is equipped with a reliable feed mechanism, whereby the lead is automatically fed through at the touch of a button.


Replaceable Leads in Different Degrees of Hardness

The CPM’s versatility is further displayed in its replaceable leads, which can be easily exchanged via the screw-out push button. Soft graphite HB lead comes as standard with the CPM, a lead that is particularly suited to marking on wood, paper, or cardboard. However, if you want to use the pencil on rough, hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, or stone, a harder 10 H graphite lead is available from SOLA. This versatility makes the CPM construction pencil an attractive tool for a wide range of trades, from wood processing through to concrete construction.


Durable Design for Long-Lasting Use

The CPM is designed to face a range of challenges on-site or in production. The housing is made from durable ABS plastic and features grooves to ensure a secure grip and also features a metal core that’s extremely durable and practically indestructible, which not only helps protect the pencil itself from shocks and drops, but also protects the lead from breaking as well as from moisture and dust. The construction pencil can be attached to your trousers or jacket thanks to a practical attachment clip, meaning it’s always close at hand.