SOLA Data Connector


It’s a common challenge: Manually transferring measurement values into a computer can be both time-consuming and prone to errors. With the SOLA Data Connector, we present an innovative solution. It allows for the swift, precise, and hassle-free transfer of measurement values from the digital tape measure CITO to any desired program on your PC, all at the push of a button. The system requirements for your end device are simple: it must run on Windows® 10 or higher and support Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology.


Benefits of SOLA Data Connector:

  • Fast and precise transmission: Wireless transmission of measurement values from CITO to the PC. Minimizes transmission errors and saves time.

  • Versatile data transfer: Measurement values are transmitted to any program, be it ERP systems, CAQ software, or Microsoft Excel.

  • Customizable settings: Adjustable units of measurement, button assignments, decimal separation, and language options for flexible usage.

  • Suitable for different industries: From quality management to logistics – the SOLA Data Connector offers benefits for all industries that require digital measurement value transmission.


Wireless Connection for More Flexibility

The application software SOLA Data Connector enables a wireless connection between the digital tape measure CITO and a PC running Windows 10 or higher. The connection between CITO and computer is made via Bluetooth, offering maximum flexibility during work. The tedious manual input is eliminated, and the CITO measuring device does not need to be put down during the entire documentation process.


Data Transfer to Any Program

Once connected, measurement values can be transferred to the computer with a single button press into any program with an input form – whether it's an ERP system, CAQ software, Microsoft Excel, or other applications. This makes the SOLA Data Connector an efficient solution for numerous industries, from quality management in industrial enterprises to logistics, where fast and error-free transmission of measurement values significantly improves workflow.


Flexible Licensing Model and Free Trial Version

The licensing model of the SOLA Data Connector allows the installation of the software on five devices without annual costs. The software can conveniently be ordered via email through customer service. To get acquainted, SOLA also offers a free trial version of the SOLA Data Connector for download on the website, allowing for ten test measurements.