AZM magnetic spirit level gets an upgrade


The AZM, the magnetic version of SOLA’s classic golden AZ spirit level, is getting an upgrade. As of now, extra-strong magnets made from neodymium will be installed in the side of the profile and no longer directly into the measuring surface as in the past. This brand-new lateral magnet installation method developed in-house by SOLA provides noticeable advantages when using the spirit level, in particular when it comes to precision, adhesive force, cleanliness and safety.


Smooth and clean measuring surface

The lateral installation of the magnets in the AZM provides the crucial advantage of an entirely smooth measuring surface. Impractical recesses on the spirit level’s measuring surface are a thing of the past – the recesses tend to collect dirt and metal chips, which are difficult to remove. This means that the AZM’s smooth measuring surface is easy to clean, prevents scratches to delicate painted surfaces, and reduces the risk of injury from metal chips that adhere to the magnets.


Maximum adhesive force and stability

The AZM is ideally suited for any type of work that requires both hands to be free, such as setting up wall and ceiling profiles in drywall installation and aligning and adjusting metal posts or beams. Equipped with extra-strong neodymium magnets, the AZM offers not only secure hold on pipes or curved steelwork components but also on thickly coated and painted metallic surfaces – whether positioned horizontally or vertically. Owing to the powerful magnetic force, the AZM reliably adheres to the object that requires aligning even when exposed to vibrations, but it can also be removed again just as quickly and easily, without great effort. The lateral installation method means the magnets cannot become loose or be pulled. They always stay securely installed, even when exposed to heat generation.


AZM – the magnetic version of the AZ

The golden AZ box profile spirit level has been considered a classic amongst the SOLA spirit levels for over 50 years now and impresses with its outstanding features. Just like the AZ, the magnetic model, the AZM, also boasts a robust profile made from high-strength aluminum alloy (750 g/m) and has an extremely high measuring accuracy of 0.50 mm/m for normal positions and 0.75 mm/m for inverted positions. Depending on the version, the AZM is equipped with up to three SOLA FOCUS vials which facilitates faster, improved and more exact reading. Uniquely developed and patented in-house by SOLA, this acrylic glass vial includes an integrated magnification lens (+20%) and has a significantly higher degree of contrast compared to a ring vial. The luminous backing makes the vial results easier to read in low light situations. The AZM is available in 10 different lengths between 30 cm and 200 cm.