The CITO digital tape measure from SOLA can measure lengths of up to 5 m and displays the measured value in either mm or cm. The digital display has a measuring tolerance of ±1.0 mm. The CITO has two measurement reference points on the front and rear edge, making it perfect for many measurement requirements. The tape is highly resistant to scratches, water, and chemicals thanks to its special nylon coating. The permanent tape break automatically secures the tape in place when extended. Equipped to protection class IP54, the CITO is protected against dust and splashes and is suitable for measurement applications both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the CITO can be used with the SOLA Measures app.

Easy to Use and Two Measurement Reference Points

CITO is very easy to use. There are just three buttons on the display, which can be used to switch the device on and off, toggle the measurement display between mm and cm, and set the measurement reference point to either the front or rear side. What’s more, for measurements from the front edge, the CITO has a practical reading aid that also acts as a stop function. The digital display is always easy to read, even in the dark and from any angle.


Digital Measurements at the Push of a Button

The integrated Bluetooth interface enables fast and flawless transfer of measured values from the CITO to the SOLA Measures app on your smartphone at the touch of a button. The SOLA Measures app allows you to determine the dimensions of photos or sketches directly as well as save, manage, and share measurement results with your team. This saves time and money. The SOLA Measures app is free and is compatible with iOS or Android devices.


Upgrade to SOLAFLEX for Digital Measuring

The CITO has been branded “SOLAFLEXready”, which means it can be used, in addition to the SOLA Measures app, with the SOLAFLEX app, which has been specially developed for digital measuring. The SOLAFLEX app is free and has a comprehensive set of features to enable you to measure precisely and flawlessly. In addition, the app provides access to a number of paid premium features, such as the option to integrate measurements into production processes as a DXF file for precise cutting by NC machines in prefabrication. More information can be found at


Belt Case and USB-C Cable Included with Delivery

The CITO is supplied with a USB-C charging cable and a belt case. A robust clip on the rear lets you quickly fasten the belt case on your belt or pocket within easy reach. The practical side pocket provides additional space for pens. The CITO is powered by rechargeable Li-polymer batteries, which boast an impressive operating time of 8 hours.