The new PLANO 3D GREEN line laser from SOLA with REAL GREEN laser diodes can be used universally and can achieve a range of up to 80 m when used with the handheld receiver. The device has one horizontal and two vertical 360° green laser lines, which can be switched on individually. The easy to use PLANO 3D GREEN levels quickly and extremely precisely with a maximum measuring tolerance of just ±0.30 mm/m. Thanks to the selectable tilt function, the device can also mark slopes. Equipped with powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells, the PLANO 3D GREEN stands out due to its long operating time of around 8 hours.


Compact All-in-One Laser

In just a few simple steps, the compact PLANO 3D GREEN is ready and projects one horizontal and two vertical 360° precise laser lines in indoor spaces. Each laser line can be activated individually at the touch of a button, enabling a wide range of potential applications in drywall and interior construction. Together with the horizontal 360° laser line, the vertical lines form a 90° angle to create a wall, ceiling, or floor cross wherever they intersect. This makes it easy to lay wall and floor tiles, install furniture, or perform installation work. When mounting light spots or ceiling coverings, for example, it is just as easy to transfer markings or measurements as it is to carry out precise vertical plumbing with the help of the floor and ceiling cross.


Tilt Function and Pulse Mode

Self-leveling starts as soon as the PLANO 3D GREEN is switched on. The device automatically compensates for inclines of up to ±3°. If the tilt function is activated, you can also use the PLANO 3D GREEN to carry out work at an angle, such as installing stair railings. When working over greater distances or in low light conditions, we recommend using the compatible REC LGD0 handheld receiver. When the pulse mode on the laser is used, the green laser lines are made visible via the handheld receiver. An acoustic signal is also emitted to make it easier to locate the laser lines.


REAL GREEN Technology

The PLANO 3D GREEN features REAL GREEN laser diodes, which generate the green laser light directly and without loss. This means that the laser lines are recognizably brighter with higher contrast, and are therefore perfect for accurate measurements.


Two Set Designs

The PLANO 3D GREEN is available in two set designs. In addition to the laser, the Basic set also includes two Li-ion batteries, a charger incl. cable and power plug, and a carrying case. The revised Professional set contains four Li-ion batteries, a charger incl. cable, power plug, case, laser visibility glasses and the WB wall mount for precise alignment of the vertical and horizontal laser lines. The wall mount can be attached to a stand or magnetically docked.