Many years of experience and expertise in the latest technology work in perfect harmony at SOLA in the Austrian town of Götzis, as the relaunch of the ENW proves. This precision spirit level has been equipped with a new, intelligent electronic inclinometer module.



When you hold the new ENW in your hands, the first thing you notice is the characteristic quality features from SOLA that are the mark of the market leader's spirit level models. One such feature is the uncompromising accuracy that is guaranteed by the SOLA FOCUS vial. The patented, shatter-proof acrylic glass vial has an integrated magnifying lens (+60%) and a much higher degree of contrast than conventional ring vials.

Easy and safe to use

Thanks to the self-explanatory control panel, the ENW's electronic inclinometer module is intuitive to use. This enables even tradespeople and construction professionals with no experience in measurement electronics to achieve highly accurate results. The inclination spirit level is suitable for use in any situation where angles or gradients need to be determined quickly.

Accurate values

The advantage of the digital display is that precise measurement results can be displayed to two decimal places. In the 1° – 89° range, a measuring tolerance of just 0.1° can be achieved. Values can be read off in degrees (°), millimetres per meter (mm/m), percent (%) or feet and inches (decimal or fractional) as required by the user. 

Intelligent signal guidance without visual contact

The ENW really comes into its own when used at awkward angles or where visibility conditions are poor. When taking measurements overhead, the display automatically rotates accordingly. The acoustic signal guide also indicates the distance to the standard position. The closer it gets to this position, the quicker the frequency of the acoustic signal. This makes it a valuable tool for users who need to have their hands free to carry out other tasks, for example assembling furniture.

New innovation extra laser feature

The ELWX 60 on the other hand, with its integrated laser feature from SOLA, is recommended for applications on gradients and inclines. The innovative laser spirit level with integrated inclinometer module transmits measured points quickly and easily.