Those who want to mark out straight lines on surfaces both indoors and out, need a highly practical tool: a chalk line reel. The new CLG chalk line reel from SOLA fulfils the specific needs of professional craftsmen. The device has an exceptionally tear-resistant 30-metre cord and a large filling chamber for the chalk powder. It is ideal for applications where a clear visible line is needed, and where the robustness of the cord and housing are paramount.


Robust housing with high colour powder capacity

The housing of the new CLG chalk line reel is made of high-quality plastic and impresses with its high resistance to breakage. The filling chamber for the chalk powder holds a generous 340 grams, meaning that it does not have to be refilled as frequently. The large filling port means that the chalk powder can be poured into the device quickly and cleanly. The cover consists of a soft, sealing rubber and prevents the chalk powder from escaping.


Tear-resistant cord

A key feature of the CLG chalk line reel is the braided polyester multifilament cord. The physical properties of the cord ensure high tear resistance and optimum adhesion of the colour powder making it ideal for intensive use. Thanks to a cord thickness of over 2 mm, every line can be marked out clearly, precisely and consistently over long distances.


The right colour powder for every application

The composition of the chalk powder is crucial for good visibility of the marking. For this reason, the chalk powder from SOLA contains a large number of colour pigments. Several factors play a role in the choice of colour for the chalk powder, for example the colour of the surface to be marked, the resistance to wind and rain, and whether or not the line should be hard or easy to wipe off. SOLA provides the ideal chalk powder for every situation; in addition to the standard colours red and blue, the chalk powder is also available in orange, white and black.


The SOLA CLG chalk line reel can be bought individually or in a set with blue or red chalk powder. The various colours of chalk powder can also be purchased individually in the 230-gram bottle or in the extra-large 1400-gram bottle for frequent users.