The digital WMD combines the functionality of an adjustable angle finder and a ruler, and shows the measurement on the in-built display. The WMD makes it quick and easy to measure, mark, and transfer both external and internal angles, and delivers precise measurements with an accuracy of ±0.3°. The WMD is available in two lengths: a compact 200 mm version (total length 400 mm) for performing simple tasks, and a professional 500 mm version (total length 1000 mm) for more demanding projects.


2-in-1: Angle Finder and Ruler

The combination of a ruler and a digital angle finder is a feature unique to the WMD. The metric scale on the arms is high contrast, making it easy to read. Both arms of the digital angle finder are made from aluminum and feature robust reinforcement ribs on the underside to prevent bending or warping. The main arm has a measuring edge that ends with a 45° angle. The WMD can therefore be used quickly as a straightedge to check whether the surface of a workpiece is level and straight. The measuring edge also features a stop edge, which ensures that it is fixed securely to the workpiece and prevents it from slipping during measuring.


Practical Functions

The angle finder’s digital display means that measurements can be read comfortably, with an accuracy of one decimal place. The intuitive module features three function buttons and is extremely easy to operate. The HOLD function stores the current measurement, which is particularly useful when the view of the display is restricted. The arms can be manually fixed using the locking screw to transfer the angle easily. The ZERO function can reset the current measurement to zero in any position or specify a new zero point, which creates a new reference for further angle measurements.


Long-Lasting Performance and Safety

The angle finder is powered by a long-lasting CR2032 button cell battery. The WMD benefits from a long operating time thanks to its minimal power consumption. The childproof battery compartment complies with the IEC 62368-1:2018 safety standard.