The current SOLA TLM deep hole marker is getting an upgrade and becoming the TLM2. Like its predecessor, the TLM2 marks drill holes quickly and easily up to a depth of 45 mm (1.7 inches). New for the TLM2 is the screw-on attachment made from ABS plastic. This converts the deep hole marker into a mechanical pencil for convenient marking, writing and drawing on a wide range of materials and surfaces.


Deep hole marker and mechanical pencil in one tool

The new TLM2 is a multi-functional marking tool. With the new attachment made from ABS plastic, the TLM2 can be used as a mechanical pencil for writing and simple markings. Unscrewing the attachment turns the TLM2 into a deep hole marker for drill holes up to a depth of 45 mm (1.7 inches). The long, thin, stainless-steel tip enables high-precision marking of holes during assembly work and for marking in hard-to-access areas. No matter how you use it – the ergonomic triangular design of the TLM2 with its textured surface ensures a secure grip and is comfortable to hold.


Replaceable lead for versatile use

The TLM2 comes standard with refillable hard HB graphite lead, which is particularly well suited for use on materials like wood, paper or cardboard. As an alternative to the hard HB graphite leads, leads with a higher wax content are also available as refills in three different colors (grey, red, yellow). These are particularly well suited for rough, smooth or dark surfaces, such as metal, tiles, plastic or glass.


Small tool, clever features

The TLM2 can be comfortably used with just one hand, thanks to its push button feed mechanism. A sharpener is integrated into the push button, allowing leads to be sharpened quickly and easily. The clip made from shatter-proof ABS plastic is yet another practical feature, it means the TLM2 can be clipped easily to trouser or breast pockets. It also stops the marker rolling away when working on smooth surfaces.