MW 305 and MW 1000


SOLA offers two measuring wheel models with an analogue counting mechanism in two different sizes for different applications. The models have a variety of outstanding features, including an extremely robust counting mechanism with a reset button for zeroing the counter, a height-adjustable telescopic guide rod for easy handling, and an abrasion-resistant precision measuring wheel made from high-quality plastic.


MW 305 – lightweight measuring wheel for short distances

The MW 305 measuring wheel combines quality and reliability with a practical size and low weight. The analogue lightweight measuring wheel is particularly suitable for measuring short distances both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, the manoeuvrable measuring wheel makes it easy to measure even curved and asymmetrical surfaces. The MW 305’s practical size, low weight and height-adjustable telescopic rod means it can be effortlessly stored in any toolbox and be easily transported. The 5-digit analogue counter can be reset at the touch of a button and even registers reverse measurements. In combination with the abrasion-resistant plastic wheel, the mini measuring wheel impresses thanks to its measuring tolerance of ± 3 mm/m.


MW 1000 – stability over long distances

The standard MW 1000 measuring wheel is particularly suitable for measuring long, straight distances, such as in road construction or landscaping. The robust spoked wheel remains safely on track and ensures optimum smoothness, allowing long distances to be measured easily. The ergonomic pistol grip provides additional comfort, while the height-adjustable telescopic guide rod with safety reflectors ensures work is carried out safely, especially when working in road traffic. The 5-digit analogue counter above the measuring wheel also registers reverse measurements, can be read from a standing position and can be reset at the touch of a button. The measuring wheel can be left upright when not in use thanks to the side-mounted stand.


Wide range of applications

The measuring wheel is the perfect tool for measuring both long and short distances, either along straight lines or around bends. This practical piece of equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and both commercial and domestic applications. The wheel is fitted with a counter, which makes it much quicker to take measurements than with a tape measure. Plus, users can easily take measurements single-handedly without assistance. Measuring wheels measure distances using a mechanical counter. The counter is connected to the wheel and counts the number of rotations made. The distance covered by the wheel is then clearly displayed on the shock-resistant counter, which is positioned above the wheel.