Crossline P2 Green


The new Crossline P2 Green is SOLA’s follow-up model to the Crossline Green line laser, already available as part of the product portfolio. New features include two red plumb points and a switchable tilt function. The Crossline P2 Green is ideally suited for tasks such as plumbing, levelling, aligning or marking out right angles in drywall and interior construction.


Reliable application and optimal visibility

The Crossline P2 Green is a self-levelling line and point laser and is suitable for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts alike. This compact device features a horizontal and a vertical laser line for distances up to 25 m. When used together with a hand-held receiver, the laser can achieve a range of up to 80 m and can also be used in inadequate lighting conditions. The light green REAL GREEN laser lines allow users to work with considerably more precision and ensure optimal visibility even over large distances.


Transferring plumb points

The Crossline P2 Green’s new features include two centered red plumb points. The device projects one red plumb point on to the floor and one on to the ceiling to help precisely transfer references points.


Switchable tilt function

The self-levelling laser Crossline P2 Green has a tilting function which can be simply and quickly turned on when required. This function is especially helpful when working in slanting positions, for example, when you need to mark sloping surfaces. For stairs, loft conversions, paintwork or wall mounting, SOLA also offers an inclination adapter which can be used together with the laser.


Practical package

The Crossline P2 Green is delivered together with a magnetic wall mount, laser visibility glasses and batteries all in a practical carrying case. With the height-adjustable wall mount, the laser can be easily mounted on the wall with a nail hole, conveniently fixed to drywall tracks or placed on the floor.