The new RED Clip from SOLA is the first metal spring clip on the market that can be used to attach a spirit level to a screeding edge or screeding level, resulting in a wider range of applications for the screeding edge/level. This combination can now be used to precisely level horizontal surfaces, measure façades in a vertical position and measure inclines digitally. The RED Clip is compatible with all spirit levels from SOLA’s RED series and all SOLA screeding edges and screeding levels with a rectangular profile. The RED Clip is protected by a utility model in Germany.


Screeding edges and screeding levels get an upgrade

By attaching a RED spirit level using the RED Clip mounting clips, a basic screeding edge is quickly transformed into a precise measuring tool with a vial, enabling horizontal surfaces to be levelled precisely. Another advantage is that it is easier to read the measurement result. Often, screeding edges and screeding levels can get very dirty during levelling work, making it difficult to read built-in vials clearly. The RED Clip enables the spirit level to be quickly removed during dirty work and then easily reattached to the screeding edge or screeding level when measurements are required. This keeps the spirit level clean and ensures optimum results when it comes to reading the measurements.


Easy reading of measurements on façades

The RED Clip is a useful tool for checking and measuring vertical surfaces. One prime example is its use on façades. It can often be difficult to read the vial on screeding levels of 3 to 6 meters long from the ground. With the RED Clip, the spirit level can be attached anywhere on the screeding edge or screeding level, making it much easier to read the measurements.


Measuring inclines digitally

With the RED Clip mounting clips and a RED digital inclinometer, a screeding level or screeding edge can be quickly and easily transformed into a long inclinometer, so you can use the screeding level or screeding edge to easily measure inclines, slopes and slanting surfaces that exceed the lengths of commercially available inclinometers.


Easy assembly and disassembly

For assembly, first two RED Clip mounting clips are clamped to the profile of the spirit level by squeezing the two clamps on the bottom of the RED Clip together. The horizontal reinforcing ribs on the profile of the RED spirit levels enable the clips to grip securely without slipping. The narrow edge of the screeding edge or screeding level is then inserted between the clamps. To disassemble, first remove the clip together with the spirit level from the screeding edge/level, then press the clamps together and release the clips from the spirit level’s profile.