SOLA has unveiled a new version of its CROSSLINE GREEN cross line laser, the new CROSSLINE GREEN NX. Upgraded technology means the new model has a longer operating time of around eight hours. The self-leveling CROSSLINE GREEN NX projects a horizontal and vertical green laser line with a maximum measuring tolerance of ±0.2 mm/m. When combined with a handheld receiver, the device has a range of up to 80 m.


Ideal for Working Indoors

The handy CROSSLINE GREEN NX projects clearly visible horizontal and vertical green laser lines, which come together to form a cross with precise 90° angles. The CROSSLINE GREEN NX is easy and intuitive to use; in addition to its conveniently placed on/off switch on the side, the device boasts single-button control. This control concept allows for individual activation of the laser lines and offers maximum flexibility when working on jobs indoors, e.g., when tiling, painting, and wallpapering, when fitting drywall rails, or when assembling furniture. In addition, the device is equipped with a 360° rotatable base, allowing you to quickly and easily align the line position.


Maximum Precision and Improved Visibility

With a maximum measuring tolerance of ±0.2 mm/m, the CROSSLINE GREEN NX is ideal for high precision leveling. The self-leveling cross line laser automatically compensates for inclines of up to ±4°. The CROSSLINE GREEN NX can even project diagonal lines when the inclination function is activated, ideal for applications such as installing a handrail. The CROSSLINE GREEN NX features real green laser diodes, which generate the green laser light directly and without loss. This means that the laser lines are recognizably brighter with higher contrast, and are therefore perfect for precise measurements.


Permanent Pulse Function

Boasting a range of up to 25 m, the CROSSLINE GREEN NX is ideal for use indoors. When working over greater distances or in unfavorable lighting conditions, we recommend using a receiver. The CROSSLINE GREEN NX features automatically activated, permanent pulse functionality, allowing the receiver to easily locate pulsed laser lines with the help of optical and acoustic signals. When combined with the compatible REC LGD0 handheld receiver, the CROSSLINE GREEN NX boasts a range of up to 80 m.


Wall Mount Included

The scope of delivery for the CROSSLINE GREEN NX also features the WB wall mount, batteries, and a carrying case. With its built-in magnets, nail hole, clamp function, and 360° rotatable plate, which can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, and laterally, the multi-function wall mount offers a range of mounting options for precise alignment of laser lines.