The new VECTOR 50 is incredibly easy to use and allows you to work quickly and at maximum efficiency. The enhanced measuring functions of the VECTOR 50 and its operating range of up to 50 meters make this laser distance meter a practical and affordable building aid.


Enhanced measuring functions and high degree of precision

The VECTOR 50 measures distances of up to 50 m with an accuracy of 1.5 mm/m. It has seven measuring functions, including the basic functions of length, area and volume measurement, together with continuous measurement. In addition, the VECTOR 50 can calculate inaccessible distances indirectly with a high degree of accuracy from two length measurements (by Pythagoras) and can measure minimum and maximum dimensions. Simple calculations are no problem for the VECTOR 50. Measurements can be added and subtracted quickly and simply on the device.


Vial for pinpoint measurements

Users will find the integrated vial on the VECTOR 50 particularly helpful. For horizontal measurements, it ensures that the device is correctly aligned. The benefit: more accurate measurements. With a length of just 10.5 cm and an ergonomic, soft-grip design, the VECTOR 50 is comfortable to hold. It has a 3-line backlit display that ensures the results are clearly and quickly legible, whatever the light conditions.


VECTOR 50 replaces VECTOR 40

The VECTOR 50 fits into the existing product range of SOLA laser distance meters and replaces the previous VECTOR 40. With its extended functions, greater range of use (up to 50 meters) and improved accuracy of measurement, the VECTOR 50 offers crucial added value in day-to-day work.


The VECTOR 50 is supplied with a handy belt pouch, a hand strap and two 1.5-V (AAA) batteries. Laser visibility glasses and a magnetic target are available as optional extras for detecting the laser point in poor light conditions.