The new FLOX floor and cross-line laser impresses with its front-projected floor cross and levelled wall cross with a measuring tolerance of 0.3 mm/m or 0.5 mm/m, the new FLOX floor and cross-line laser is particularly impressive.


The powerful professional laser for tilers and floorers


Further visibility and maximum flexibility

With four laser lines that can be seen from a distance and are projected 15 m to the front and the back of the device, the device can even be used in complex spatial situations without the need for recalibration. Once set up, the FLOX can be used to lay tiles and flooring in all possible directions.

The FLOX also has a 1/4" and 5/8" thread, meaning it can easily be attached to a stand. This way, the levelled wall cross can also be used when fixing tiles to walls. “With the FLOX, we wanted to create a product that can be used both for walls and flooring, and therefore provides maximum flexibility”, explains Lukas Zwing, Head of Innovation at SOLA.


Versatile and practical applications

The device can also be used to quickly and easily check that floors are level thanks to its horizontal laser line, which is beamed just above the ground. The floor’s properties can then be calculated using a folding rule. By directing the laser’s floor lines close to a wall, users can easily check that the wall is perpendicular.


Alignment with millimetre accuracy

Thanks to its sturdy rotary foot, the FLOX can be aligned with great flexibility; tiles can be laid directly against the device and/or the laser can be used as an end point reference. The additional fine adjustment also enables users to set and align the FLOX with millimetre accuracy.


Laser technology

The FLOX also conforms with protection class IP54 and can withstand dust and water spray. In addition to the laser, the scope of delivery also includes a pair of laser visibility glasses, a battery adapter with three batteries and a Quick Start guide. Further accessories such as the SOLA Li-ion battery set, the WH wall mount and the FST compact tripod are available to complement the floor and cross-line laser.


The new FLOX floor and cross-line laser is now available from specialist retailers.


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