MRMI Installation


The MRMI Installation level from SOLA is the right spirit level for taking measurements during installation work. The robust aluminum profile with its hard anodized coating prevents annoying color abrasion on the measured object. The laterally integrated, extra-powerful neodymium magnet and the V nut ensure optimal adhesion of the spirit level to metallic surfaces and pipes. Thanks to the printed scale with standard installation measurements, installation points can be easily transferred.


Practical scaling and installation dimensions

The MRMI Installation from SOLA features printed installation dimensions and double scaling on the top side of the profile. The marking aids on the scale correspond to standard installation dimensions, so installation points can be transferred quickly and easily. The double scaling is particularly advantageous when working in confined spaces. Unlike a centrally aligned scale, the MRMI Installation can be used on both sides.


Four-ring vial for inclines

The MRMI Installation features a four-ring horizontal vial made from break-resistant acrylic. The distance between the rings corresponds to a 2% incline and is therefore ideal for showing or checking inclines for horizontal measurement. With a maximum measurement tolerance of 0.50 mm/m and 0.75 mm/m for inverted positions, the MRMI Installation from SOLA delivers optimal accuracy values.


Powerful neodymium magnets with lateral installation

The MRMI Installation from SOLA is equipped with extra-powerful neodymium magnets. Whether positioned horizontally or vertically, they ensure optimal adhesion to metallic surfaces. This is advantageous as it frees up the hands, allowing you to work more quickly and precisely. Since the magnets are installed laterally, they do not become detached when exposed to vibrations or heat, and remain securely installed at all times.


V nut for curved surfaces

Thanks to the integrated V nut across the entire measuring surface, the MRMI Installation from SOLA provides a secure hold without slippage even on curved surfaces and/or pipes. The installation spirit level’s profile is naturally anodized and does not leave any color residues when measuring on sensitive surfaces, such as freshly painted walls.


Compact 40-cm version

As well as the 100 cm version of the MRMI Installation, there is also a compact version available with a length of 40 cm. The 40-cm version is ideally suited for measurements on small contact surfaces and can be easily transported in all standard toolboxes.